13 January 2010


I've blogged many, many time about my lack of patience.

In almost four and a half years of IF I've waited, it seems, FOREVER.

I'm Peak +13 (13 DPO) today. 

So I'm waiting to see what comes of this cycle (but since I had such crazy bleeding around ovulation, I figure that it is definitely a bust).

I'm waiting to hear back from the person that can book our flight to Arizona (how long does it take to look into plane tickets? I e-mailed her yesterday at noon and I still haven't heard anything!).

I'm waiting for warm weather (it so cold outside! I was just out on recess duty and I thought I was going to freeze to death!).

I'm so tired of having to be patient.

I so want my wait to be over. 

I want it to be my turn to be a mommy.

But it isn't my decision.

I have to be patient. 

Thank God there is chocolate in my desk. 


  1. lol, chocolate does help! I agree sometimes it really is enough, the waiting .......the frustration etc. I hope you have good news this cycle, seems like it's time for you to have some. either way, you are in my prayers.

  2. Ugh, I'm with you. I am waiting (not so patiently.) Dear Lord, please move in our lives!

  3. chocolate, that is great and something you don't have to wait for.
    arizona sounds like a great idea!
    I too hate waiting, but, there is so much of it in life, isn't there?

  4. I live in Arizona and the weather is great right now! Come on down! I don't comment much, but please know that you are always in my prayers.

  5. Chocolate! It always helps.

    IMHO, you are a far more patient person than you give yourself credit for.

    Here's hoping you get to practice that patience more as a mom very, very soon...

  6. I agree with S I think you are very patient!! you had to wait long for your surgeries and everything!

    Lovin that HCG for you!!

  7. I think you are doing a good job with the patience thing.

    It will pay off - and until then, you always have chocolate.

  8. How you can post about patience while it seems all the rest of our blogging friends are becoming mommies left and right, I do not know!! As ecstatic as I am for everyone, it's just a reminder that my clock continues to tick...

    OK, so you're P+13, huh? I'm gonna step up the prayers for you in a very selfish way tonight, haha, because after you get pg I can finally get my turn!! :P But seriously, I will be adding you to my intentions, I am doing a St Raphael and St Gianna novena this week.

    Hang in there! We've gotta be getting our turns soon!!

  9. I completely know what you mean about waiting. I may not always wait gracefully, you know? Sometimes it just ain't pretty!

    When our adoption fell through in May, everyone told us, "you just wait...another match is going to come along any day and you'll be a Mommy." Well, it's been another nine months and I have no match.

    Yes, I have peanut M&Ms waiting for me.

  10. oh it sucks so bad. And you're right, we dont have control of it which sucks even more. thank goodness for chocolate!

  11. I remember being told all the time as a child that patience was a virtue. Obviously, God gave me years and years of waiting for a child (who isn't coming) to give me another shot at the lesson that didn't take in my childhood. Update: STILL no patience. Don't like the waiting. And waiting on an uncertain outcome - absolutely not.