27 August 2013

In need of St Francis

So, I have a cat. 

A very fat cat. 

She lives with my parents because Mr JB is deathly allergic. 

This afternoon Mr JB and his brother visited my parents and apparently my 15 year old kitty cat isn't doing so well.

My mom wants to put her down. 

Part of me doesn't feel like I have too much say since they have taken care of her since I moved into our house before our wedding. 

And another part of me wants to take her to every vet in the city to get another opinion. 

I had no idea that this was coming. 

She's my first baby. She was my lone companion when I moved out of my parents' home. She lived with my roommates and me during grad school. I missed her more than my then-boyfriend when I moved to France.

Please pray for my kitty cat and for my parents so that they can make a good decision. 

I'm so very, very sad. 

23 August 2013

Hope in the confessional

So, Mr JB I went to confession this morning -- not at our parish since we are both afraid to confess to both of our parish priests. Yes, we are both spazzes. 

I went first, as usual.

When I started to tell the priest about our IF and my struggle with God's plan for us and our family he reminded me not to be tempted by ART, which I reassured him that we weren't.

Then he mentioned the Napro centre that we go to in the city.

I got tears in my eyes when I told him that I had been operated on by Dr Hilgers.

Thank God for knowledgeable priests! It was the first time that I felt that a member of the clergy understood my IF heart. 

We'll definitely be back there for confession! 

19 August 2013

I'm really enjoying August because....

I believe this with my whole heart. 

I'm not stressing about our contractor not being able to do the work we need before our home visit. 

I'm not freaking out about CD1. 

Everything will work out. 

I know it.