15 December 2012


No Christmas miracle for the JellyBellies.

Oh, 2012, how you held so much promise. I really hope that 2013 is a much gentler year.

5 December 2012


Dear Formerly IF Colleague,

I think it's great that you are pg. I am so glad that you don't have to suffer through more years of IF like I do, but do you really have to talk about your pregnancy all the time?

The "sex announcement" cupcakes were cute, but I feel like they're mocking me. The talk about the baby names you've chosen, the things you've bought for your nursery and all things baby are kinda driving me nuts, especially when you go on and on in the staff room while I'm eating my lunch.

Give an IF girl a break!!!!

Obviously you have forgotten the pain of IF. I wish I could, but I'm still on the outside, looking in.


ps Thank God for my IF counsellor. If it wasn't for our meeting on Monday this would've been a much angrier post.