28 July 2011

It's not you, it's me

So I am officially on vacation. Actually I've been officially on vacation since 3:30pm on July 22nd, but this has been my first chance to sit and blog.

I was so much happier with my curriculum writing this time around. Not only was I not dragging myself around because of adrenal fatigue, but we started writing the third day. It was also a much smaller group and there wasn't a anglophone/francophone divide like there was last summer. I learned so much professionally and I know that it will look stellar on my resume -- not to mention the $4500 that I made!

This morning I went for a whole whack of blood tests. I finally convinced my Napro doc to get me tested for MTHFR and she also repeated my thyroid panel and glucose test (which was just one blood test, I didn't have to drink the nasty drink!). I had to pay for the tests which is perhaps why she was so hesitant (it cost $105 for the antibody and Vitamin D test -- hopefully my insurance covers it!). I was hardly upset when AF arrived Tuesday night. What a difference a surgery date makes!

Speaking of surgery: I got the go-ahead to go to TCIE for my ultrasound series! It is going to save so much money to drive to see her AND I get to hang out with my buddy. Now how many can say that one of their closest friends got to wand them?

Mr. JB and I are leaving for New Hampshire on Sunday and I can't wait! We decided to take the trip in two days and it looks like we're going to drive through New York State since we're going to spend a few days in Montreal on our way home. Are there any bloggers that are in that area, or even in NH? I'd love to meet up!

I'm hoping that I will be back to my regular blogging habits, but I do have to admit that it's been a nice mental break from IF. Spinning my wheels until November 2nd is a much needed break for my weary soul.

*Update: I just spoke to one of Dr. H's nurses regarding my surgery. I asked her if it was possible if the endo/adhesion mess that is in my pelvis is really bad if my surgery would be converted from a lap to a laparotomy. I was pleading since I don't want to have to return to Omaha for a second surgery, for many reasons (I don't want to have to have TWO surgeries and the cost, yes it always seems to boil down to money). She is going to ask Dr. H to review my case again and she'll get back to me sometime next week. If my surgery is going to be more extensive, the date is going to change, but that's okay with me! Please pray that this all works out! 

10 July 2011

Blog silence

I have nothing to say.


It's not like last summer when I was SO tired that I couldn't function like a normal human being.

Now that I have a surgery date -- November 2nd -- I feel like I can put IF on the back burner and pretend that my life is normal (meaning: that procreating hasn't been the main focus of the past six years).

I feel so at peace. It's amazing how making the decision to go to Omaha regardless of funding has tamed my worries. I feel that God has put me on the path to see Dr H and that he will finally bring us closer to growing our family.

So I apologize for the lack of commenting, I am still reading, but I'm just going through a quiet phase. I continue to pray for all of you!

3 July 2011

No rest for the wicked

So my summer gig starts tomorrow morning.


$4500 for three weeks of work.

$4500 which will pay a BIG chunk of my surgery in Omaha. $4500 that will join the money I made last summer (that has been smartly invested by our money guy).

It wasn't a coincidence that the chance to have Dr H operate on me and this job came up.

Have I mentioned how at peace I am about going to Omaha? It made the last arrival of AF not seem so bad (and being at a Canada Day party where we were the only childless people in attendance, I even held a baby!).

I pray that these next three weeks aren't as painful as it was last summer. This summer I have Hy.drocort and my magic tinctures from Dr Nora -- if I could make it to the last day of school without falling into an exhausted heap (I was even able to have an intelligent conversation with one of the nurses at PPVI about my ultrasound series after school -- TCIE is going to wand me so I only have to make one trip to Omaha, thank the Lord!).

I've also picked out a treat that I'm going to get when my job is done. Yes, the carrot that I'm dangling in front of me is a gorgeous purse. I am such a girl.

I just hope and pray that the group of people that I'm going to be working with are not annoying! Adults are so much harder to work with than kids!