4 January 2010

Okay ladyparts, what is up with you????

It's CD21.

And guess what, I spotted very light brown all day.


I've been feeling strange crampiness all day.

According to my strange chart my peak day was the 31st -- I also had very light spotting that night (we also "used a day of fertility on the 30th, when the spotting started). I also think that I felt myself ovulate at about 10pm. It was the strangest thing. A very sharp, short pain in my right side, but really who knows!

I started the HCG injections last night which were remarkably painless. Mr. JB was WAY more stressed out than I was!

This cycle is definitely a bust.

My chart looks like it did when I started charting two years ago and before any hormone therapy or surgery!

I have a prescription for F.emara that my Napro doc gave me in January. Should I start taking it, or should I wait until I see her on February 8th. I'm feeling like I don't have any time to waste!


p.s. If you want to enter my blog give-away please leave a comment on my post from the 3rd. Only two days left!


  1. I so wish I had some sorta insight to lady bits, so I can be totally helpful, but I am just so not at all helpful. I suckith when it comes to bding to have babies, but I do believe that it is okay it will take a wee while for your body to be used to the new, endo free body :)

  2. It's okay Momma that HCG will cure all and the femara will help you out a lot.

    Remember when I was spotting/bleeding for almost 3 weeks out of the month! A little pre and post peak support did the body good.

    That HCG will take care of it all! :)

    Hang in there Momma, we got this!!!

  3. Sorry about the crazy spotting. It's got to be extra annoying since you just finished dealing with the surgery/infection healing. I hope that the HCG works for you.

  4. Ugh. Why are our bodies so confusing?? I'm praying for healthy "lady parts." :)