29 January 2010

Eeek!!! What do I do????

Thank God I do not have anything fertility related to blog (although my fertile CM is looking really good, what a great bday present!).

I just talked to my principal. I was a bit late handing in my grade placement sheet but I figured that it wouldn't be a problem since I was just going to put grade one down again. I joked when I saw him that he probably knew what I wanted to teach. 

But then he said, "How about teaching grade two?"

And I almost fainted.

I don't want change. I want to stay in the same grade so I can teach a familiar program while I'm TTC. I also don't want to teach with my crazy partner from last year, although he wants her to move up to grade three. 

The big conundrum is that if I change grades I would have some of the same cuties that I have now AND I get to teach the sacraments (which my principal mentioned since he knows that I'm all about teaching religion). 

What do I do? I told him that I would think about it, but I'm panicking right now!



  1. Teaching a new grade is always more work (new lesson plans, etc.) and teaching a class that will prepare for a sacrament does require a bit more time (ie. perhaps some evening meetings, coordination with the DRE, etc). However, I can see how much the children will benefit from having a faithful teacher during such an important time in their life. I think kids are influenced by how much their teacher loves the subject. Also, if you like your current class as a whole, it might be easier to have them again (you already know how to manage that particular class, you know their parents, etc.) Do you think you would enjoy teaching 2nd grade? If it would bring you more fulfillment/joy, I personally think you should take it. But if you think it would too much at the present time, don't feel guilty if you have to pass on the offer!
    Hope this helps. I will keep your discernment in my prayers!

  2. I've taught both 1st and 2nd grades. While I loved them both, 2nd grade was my favorite. The children are much more independent and I absolutely LOVED teaching the sacraments!

    I understand your panic- it would be more work and like you are starting all over again...that might be fun though...on the other hand...when you are ttc you want less stress.

    Say lots of prayers about it and I'm sure you'll get your answer. :)

  3. I agree with Trustful Surrender..more work would be involved with the switch however what a blessing to be able to teach the children about receiving Jesus. So important!

    I signed up to stud.ent teach a 2nd grade for next fall. Like GIMH stated...they are a little more independent. I'm not a teacher yet but from what others have told me...second grade is a good place to start! I also like preschool.

    That is wonderful that you work at a private school. I often wonder where our Good Lord is going to place me when I'm certified.

  4. Prayerfuljourney: I work in a publicly funded Catholic school. In Ontario where I live Catholic education is funded by the Ministry of Education until the end of high school. We do have private Catholic schools, but not as many. My school board is one of the largest employers in my city!

  5. That sounds like a tough decision! There seem to be pros and cons to both things, but I guess you'd have to decide whether the added stress would be worth it. It sounds like a fun challenge though, and I remember as a child being so sad to leave my teacher behind and start over with a new one, so the kids would be thrilled I'm sure :).

  6. Go for it! Just kidding, I know that's the easy answer. But truly, my son is in second grade now and I don't know what we'd do without his amazing faith-filled teacher to teach the sacraments. I bet you'd be perfect!

  7. Ah. I dont know about being a teacher, but, it looks like you got some great advice.

  8. Would you have sweet little Ralph if you moved to grade 2?

  9. Even though it would be more work this next year, I think that it's definitely something you should consider. Second graders are a pretty good age, somewhat independent but they still like hugs and stuff. The sacramental prep would also be a good thing to do if you already love the religion class. What did you teach before first grade? I can't remember. I'll be praying for you!

  10. Off the top I would vote for 2nd.

    I would love the 2nd grade for the long term because of that age and the sacrament, but I completely understand you worrying about this next year and TTC’ing. What I would want to know is would you like to eventually teach the 2nd grade at some point even if not permanently (I realize stay-at-home Mom is #1 . .. and it WILL happen). If so, then this would be a kind of be middle ground and perfect timing. It is new material, but some of the same students so you wouldn’t have to learn everyone’s personality again. On the other hand, ig there isn’t a real desire to be a 2nd grade teacher, then why rock the boat. How’s that for being helpful? Ha!

    I “teach” 2nd grade rel. edu. for our parish which is in no way on the same level as what you do (no primary education on my hands), but seeing the sacraments and the moment when they just “get it” on the religious side is moving beyond words. Still, I “feel it” when the 1st grade religious class isn’t as strong as it could be (and I assume that is part of your curriculum). I’m just saying that each is equally important and I thank you for teaching . . . whatever grade you choose.

    I promise . . . at some point, I will be more helpful :) Prayers, friend.

  11. I don't know the first thing about the logistics of preparing to teach (or actually teaching) the small. So I'm not sure whether it would be a fun new adventure or a crippling burden. But if it were me, I would definitely keep my antennae up for any scuttlebutt about where your least favorite former teaching partner is going to be, and when that becomes definite.

  12. My mom always dreaded switching grades, but she would also find it as an adventure - something new. I think you will be fine dear with whatever decision you make. Take a day off and come back to it when you are feeling better. Whatever feels right at that point will be your answer. Have a wonderful weekend.


  13. second grade was one of my most favorite years ever. Plus the sacraments are wonderful to teach! Prayers for decernment.

  14. I don't know what advice to give, since I teach all the grades. I tend to like teaching older kids, so I would move up, but that may not be the case for you. But if you like teaching the religion part, then that may be a big bonus for moving up. Good luck with your decision. Pray about it a lot.

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