5 January 2010

Brimming over

There's been so much excitement in the bloggosphere.

My buddy All You Who Hope is en route to picking up her baby girl. LifeHopes is counting the days until her baby girl is born. My friends, Living Advent, Finding Joy in Every Journey and Journey of One Couples Hopes to Have a Baby are all pregnant. And my crazy friend (I mean that with much love Sew!) Sew Infertile is getting her heart and home ready for foster care.

Honestly girls, did we actually think that this was possible so soon?

I keep reminding myself that it is also going to happen for me, but the timing isn't mine. I'm not in control and that there is a perfect plan for me as well.

All of this good fortune has given me hope, and hope is definitely something that I'm in need of.

My father-in-law started radiation yesterday. He's feeling pretty good and he doesn't expect to feel any ill-effects until about three weeks into his treatment. He has a buddy that lives in the same village that is taking him into the city (not the one we live in, but one closer to him) for his treatments. Mr. JB and I are so relieved that he doesn't have to be alone.

We got some more bad news. My FIL's girlfriend saw a specialist today (in the same city where he is having his treatment, but not at the same hospital) and it seems like the small-town doctor that diagnosed her with mini-strokes (or TIA's as they're called) was wrong. She's actually had a major stroke which explains why she has deteriorated so quickly since the summer. Over the Christmas holidays she was so confused, much more so that she was at Canadian Thanksgiving. The new specialist has changed her medicine and her family has sped up her transition to assisted living. The last thing that Mr. JB and I want is my FIL having to take care of her while he's undergoing radiation!

And if that isn't enough, Mr. JB's uncle was rushed to the hospital via ambulance because his kidneys have shut down. He has diabetes and is in pretty bad health. He's on dialysis right now and we don't know how long he's going to be hospitalized.

On a brighter note, my parents left for their holiday last night. They're gone for six weeks! My dad hasn't been back to his homeland since my grandmother passed away in 1998! He was so excited and that's pretty big for a guy that hates to travel.

Please keep my family members in your prayers. It's so hard to see your loved ones age and get sick. It frightens me to think of what is ahead.

p.s. The spotting stopped. I have no idea what is going on!

p. p.s. Tomorrow is the last day to enter my blog give-away. See my post from January 3rd if you haven't entered yet!


  1. Sorry to hear about all of the news, but I did say a prayer for them all as I read how they were doing.

    I sent you an invite to my blog :)

    I am off to enter your give-away!

  2. By the way, all of this great news has helped buoy my hope, too! I have to keep reminding myself that our miracles are being worked out according to God's timing! We will find our way to Mommy land SOON!

  3. Oh, wow!! Such wonderful news for so many bloggers! I'm the same and know that my time will come when it comes. It's out of my control.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your family. I will definitely keep them all in my prayers.

  4. Sounds like such a time of turmoil for your family, and I will be sure to think lots of good thoughts for you and those close to you.

    You're right, timing in life is often beyond our control.

  5. I will keep your family in my prayers-that is a lot to deal with.

    All the recent events has definitely bolstered my hope as well, which I can always use!

  6. Oh JB, so sorry to hear about all your family members. I will pray for their health and healing. It is so stressful to watch family members deal with serious illnesses.

    And I can totally relate to the first part of your post about timing. I've had some strange emotions over the past couple of days... pure joy for our friends, hope for our situation, and wonder about the future. How will our story end? How will our family grow?

    As always, we have to persevere in prayer because we are waiting on God's perfect timing.

    Praying for you!

  7. Lots going on-sorry to hear about all of this! I am glad all the good news in blogworld is making you hopeful, as you should be!

  8. Best of luck with all the health problems your family is currently facing. I just went through two years of that. It definitely wears on you so don't be afraid to take some time for yourself. You're an incredibly strong woman, so just keep that in mind.

  9. Sorry about FIL's girlfriend; that sounds rough. All the good news is helping me be more hopeful about after my surgery. Praying for you. I hope you'll be the next one we are freaking out about :).

  10. I'm sorry your family is going through such a rough time health-wise! I hope things improve all around soon.

    I've been feeling incredibly hopeful as well with all of this good stuff happening to our IF sisters. I can't help but feel that maybe we'll be next. I'm wishing that for both of us! And everyone else who's still waiting!

  11. So much going on with your family, I am sorry. You sound terrific and I love your newly found hope! It's hard not to be optimistic when there are so many wonderful things happening to so many wonderful people. I really feel it in my heart that 2010 is going to be fabulous for all of us.

  12. I hope all your family members are doing ok soon.

    Could your lady parts be a little sluggish after the lupron? Maybe they need a swift kick in the ovary or something?

  13. I can't imagine what you are experiencing in your quest for the JellyBelly....love that by the way. However, I did watch my brother and his wife struggle for years to have kids. They were told that they have less than a 1% chance of ever having kids. They did invitro and had my nephew, wild child Hudson 3 years ago. And then last year....surprise surprise...along comes sweet Brielle. Au naturale! I don't know if you believe in God...but He is the maker of miracles. I pray that you get what you are hoping for. I pray for blessings!!