24 January 2010

Busy Sunday

Today was a busy day! After mass -- which was really LONG this morning (we welcomed the kids that were being confirmed, a speech about our parish council elections and our pastor said a long, but very interesting homily) -- we had lunch with my family in celebration of my aunt's 65th birthday. After lunch we went over to my parents' house to water their plants, check their mail and start their cars (they're away until February 11th). Then after that I went to yoga and did a couple of classes. I feel like I haven't had time to take a breath!

I went into the "room that was to be a nursery" a couple of times today and I can definitely see the end in sight. I emptied the room of all the old magazines and Mr. JB is going to the hospital to donate them all. I'm sure someone is going to wonder where all of the magazines from 2003 came from! I also found some stuff that can go to my classroom where I actually have room to store stuff!

So here are some photos of what I did yesterday. It doesn't look like much, but you should see all of the stuff that is going out to the curb tomorrow night!

These are two photos of the "before" state. It's hard to believe that up to two years ago I was using this room as my office! When we got our laptop I completely stopped using the room. The plan is to move the office stuff to the newly renovated basement. My biggest issue is all of the books that we have! I know that I can get rid of a lot, but the hubs and I are big readers so we amass a TON of reading material. Also both being teachers we also accumulate a lot of paperwork. Most of my teaching stuff is in my classroom, but I have material from courses that I've taken and I want to keep that sort of stuff at home.

So this is a photo of underneath our futon. It was a great place to store junk. The only thing that is left under there is the box that our computer came in. I'm really proud to see empty magazine folders. These were filled with old magazines from the early 2000's!

If I wasn't so tired I would take a photo of all of the stuff that's going to the garbage and recycling, but I can't bear to get off of the couch. I didn't take a nap today and I'm just exhausted!

I almost forgot! Mr. JB and I checked out a couple of open houses in our neighbourhood and I'm so glad that I didn't like either one of them. I've been itching to move to a detached home for a couple of years. It also doesn't help that our new neighbours play their music too loud and I'm ready to punch them out! We've knocked on their door to complain, sent an official complaint to the management company and still nothing. I'm just about ready to phone the police on them! One house was totally overpriced and the other was a total wreck (it smelled of puke and cat pee, not a nice combination for $449 900!).

I also spoke to an adoption worker on Friday, but I'm way too exhausted to blog about that. Mr. JB is all pumped up about adopting from Haiti right now, but as far as I can tell from the internet, new adoptions aren't happening right now.

I've got to get to bed! I promise to post more about my conversation with the intake worker tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a really busy day! You have done an awesome job with that room, you are inspiring me to get back to getting my house up to scratch.

    Would love to hear more about your adoption chat, when you are ready of course xxx

  2. Wow, that's a busy day! I really need to get my house in order. That's pretty cool that your DH is excited about adopting from Haiti (even if that's not happen right now).

  3. Good work on the room! I wish I had that energy right now. :)

    Yes, I agree: For half a mil, the home should not smell of any bodily fluids, animal or human.

    I bet spring will bring some better options. You'll find the right place...

  4. Good for you on the progress! I have some serious digging out to do myself.

  5. fabulous job on the room! Can not wait to hear about the adoption chat :).

    there should be tonnes comming on the market soon - why not just bite the bullet and move!

  6. what a busy day, good job!

  7. Good work! That's a lot of stuff to go through!

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