14 January 2010

Creighton Model Question -- HELP!!!!!

I know that I could just call my practitioner, but I really don't feel like it.

So I may have lied that today is CD1.

I started spot very light brown yesterday. When I wiped (sorry TMI!) it wasn't always very light brown. A couple of times it was 10SL and a couple of time it was 0.

Today is definitely the start of my period.

So does that mean that tomorrow is CD3 even though my period really started today and yesterday was light spotting, but not continuous during the day?

The reason why I'm asking is that I have plans to have drinks with some girlfriends after school and I don't want to have to cancel so I can go to the lab to get my blood drawn.

Will going to the lab on Saturday make a huge difference? If I don't go until Saturday I won't start the F.emara until that day as well.

Is it really bad that I don't want to sacrifice my social life for yet another blood draw.



  1. I would think today would be day 1, as that would be how I took my Clomid. On the day the flow really started, not just spotting. But you might want to get some answers from someone more familiar with Creighton.

  2. Call your doctor. If they're already gone maybe you can get their answer first thing in the am. CrMS CD 1 is not always what the doctors want to use for meds.

  3. And, no it's not bad that you don't want to sacrifice your social life. ;o)

  4. I'd say Saturday would be the right day as CD3 based on how most doctors consider CD1 for meds and blood work.

  5. As for b/w, it really doesn't matter if you are off by one day for the CD 3 b/w. (If meds were starting on CD 3, though, that does matter since you are seeing NaPro Dr and they go by the charts... but you're just asking about b/w, which is not a big deal if you do it CD 4.)
    Tomorrow would be CD 3 per Creighton. I would keep your chart that way, and just go do your b/w on CD 4.

  6. B/W is to see what my FSH levels are. The results from my first cycle post-Lupron were 10 (I believe). My Napro doc wants to see what my levels are every two months.

  7. My RE says that spotting does not count as CD1. CD1 is your first day of full flow.

  8. Of course, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your social life for a stupid date with the vampires!

    As Sissy noted, I was always told by my RE that CD1 was the first day of real flow. As a fellow spotter, I always found this very, very confusing. But CModel seems to see things slightly differently...

    I hope you get this sorted out, get to hang out with your friends, and have a lovely weekend.

  9. my pseudo-kinda-creighton-not-really doctor says to count the first day of real flow as CD1 for the purposes of meds, etc. He also said it doesn't really matter if CD3 bloodwork happens on CD4 --- the last time I had CD3 bloodwork was on actual CD4 because that is the day I was in his office.
    Totally makes sense that you are sick of this stuff interrupting life and getting in the way of fun things. I say by all means, go out and drink. :)
    We are cycle buddies this month, today is CD3 for me too.

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