11 January 2010

Aptly Named

I'm referring to my "frustrated musings."

We had another bad news free day. In fact, my work day was quite good. I only had to teach half a day because we had an afternoon for planning. I love having the afternoon to work in my classroom! It is amazing that I stay late almost every day and am at work early every day, but there always a TON to do!

We finally spoke to our relatives in Arizona over the weekend and we've made plans to visit them over our March Break. Considering that the first two weeks of January have been challenging, we're going to need a vacation by the middle of March!

Last July Mr. JB and I bought a time share from a very large vacation ownership company. One of the perks that we received when we signed on the bottom line was a $1000 credit towards air fare. So I thought that it would be pretty painless when I called the company to book our tickets.

Alas, I was VERY wrong.

I spent an hour and a half on the phone and then had to hand it over to Mr. JB because I was about to lose my mind! We spoke to almost a dozen people and NO ONE COULD HELP US!

I ended up e-mailing a very long e-mail to one of the people that sold our time share to us. It took until the second last person to tell us that they weren't able to help us and we had to contact our home resort.


The incompetence of customer service representatives just boggles my mind!

I know that my patience is running low since I'm on CD28 and I'm all hormonal (although not as bad as last month on the vaginal progesterone). My boobs are sore and all I want to do is eat salty things or chocolate. I also could barely get up this morning despite getting a full night sleep and taking a two hour nap yesterday!

In the grand scheme of things, all of this vacation business is very small in comparison to all of the illness in my family. I feel quite fortunate to be complaining about something so insignificant.

So there.


  1. Good for you to put things in perspective. Glad there was no more bad news and you got to plan today. And planning a vacation (though painful)-also very good. I have to agree with you on customer service. My recent insurance company calls raised my blood pressure for sure!

  2. I love the mental picture of you being so frustrated you had to hand the phone off to Mr. JB! (Okay, so it really wasn't funny for you at the moment, but this totally sounds like something I would do). I hope things work out with the vacation. It sounds like it would be fun. I have relatives in Arizona as well and have enjoyed spending time with them over Spring Break as well.

  3. Sooooo glad to hear that you are taking a vacation! Especially to somewhere warm! I hope this gives you something to look forward to. :)

  4. Can JB get a break up in here!!!

  5. sounds like you need a vacation! I hope things calm down and you have peace in your life again!

    CUT! JP needs five..........

  6. There is really not much worst then being on the phone with customer service!!! I know there is lots going on with your family right now but it sounds to me like a vacation is exactly what you need. Your right, the first month of 2010 have not been great as far as family heath has been concerned. I hope for the both of us that things begin to look up soon.

    P.S. I am really looking forward to finally meeting you!!

  7. A warm vacation = the pefect medicine.

  8. I'm with you on the warm vacation! Seems like just what you two need :). Sorry the flight stuff isn't working out very smoothly, but hopefully you can get everything worked out in time to escape to AZ.

  9. Sorry about vacation planning drama. I'm glad that you'll have a relaxing (and warm) vacation.

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