7 April 2009

We're Home


It's Mr. JB.

We got home just before 3 o'clock. First off, the day started with JB finding out her anesthetic was a truth serum. She is allergic to eggs so the normal anesthetic wasn't going to work. The surgery lasted 40 minutes and she was given morphine and another medication that starts with a P because she was shaking as she came to. Does anyone know what that is? JB has stage four endometriosis. The Doc couldn't do anything about it today. She has adhesions, fibroids, cysts and her right fallopian tube was obscured by the endometriosis. The Doc seemed genuinely irritated that this had not been dealt before now. She'll start taking lupron at the beginning of May and there will be surgery in four months. He mentioned that this surgery is his specialty. JB has been sleeping a lot because the truth serum knocks you out more than the normal stuff. The only pain she feels right now is from the incision below her belly button. The only pain medication that she was told to take was Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

Thanks to Sew for keeping everyone updated.

Thanks for prayers and we're going to need a few more in the next little while.


  1. I am not even sure what to say. You have answers. But not good ones. And you aren't done with surgery, but at least you know what you are dealing with.

    My one piece of assvice - you can do lupron and depo lupron which is the long acting kind. Stay away from the long acting kind. We have some of the same allergies and the carrier in that one is a BITCH. I can email you with more info. I will wait a few days until you are more awake and alert.

    Thanks for the update Mr. JB.

    Thinking of you and hope that you are ok. If you want to grab a tea or something, let me know.

  2. MR. JB and JB - sorry to hear about the stage IV endo - aggh - Mr. JB- go get some Vit E for JB it will help prevent scaring, also there is a giant ENDO book that I gave to JB, if you have a moment break it out and read as much as you can - it really does help to have a partner that knows what's happening.
    The ducks are here if you need us!

  3. Thank you for the update!!!

    Been praying for you guys all day long. I know things are difficult right now, but it sounds like you are in good hands and just think ... the endo will be GONE forever in a matter of months. That means you will get to start over.

    Will pray for patience until then...

  4. I'll be praying! It's so good to have answers, but it can be awfully tough to know what else needs to be done. I know I was really bummed out after my laparascopy when I heard that I'd need more surgery. It sounds like you're in good hands, and you've got a lot of people praying for you, too!

  5. Mr. JB YOU ROCK! Thank you so much for calling today!

    Mrs.JB at least you will have some relief! I am so excited the doctor said this was his specialty!

    We are praying and can't wait for you to get in tip top shape!!!!

    Make sure you take sterilized qtips to that belly button. Or should I say dry it out after the shower with the qtips!

    Can't wait to give you tips on whore baths cause u r gonna need them! :)

  6. JB I got the exact same news when I woke up from surgery number 1. And I had to go on Lupron for 3 months and have another surgery. I hope our story gives you some hope. It is a good thing you have a diagnosis and a reason for IF!! We will keep you in our prayers!

  7. just know I'm thinking of you... I have not traveled as long as you have on this road of infertility yet but what struck me first was yes you have some answers but so disappointed that nothing was done yesterday and that you will have more waiting ahead.... I hope that you find some peace in the coming months and know that everything happens for a reason even though its just too muddy at the moment to see what that is.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.



  8. I'm still thinking of you and I'm glad you came out ok. I hope when they do the surgery in a few months they can get rid of all the endo!