19 April 2010

What I've Learned....

I'm going to try and learn something from my short Tale of the False HPT (in no particular order):

1) I will NEVER, EVER test before Peak +17 (17 dpo). EVER. Apparently my body likes to get to P+15.

2) POAS brings on a period. I have no doubt.

3) Pre-period symptoms are very similar to early pg symptoms. If it happens again, I will not convince myself that I am pg, even though I didn't want to admit that I thought I was.

4) My body is getting back on track. When I started with Napro back in February 2008 I had crazy erratic bleeding, a luteal phase defect, stage IV endo, adhesions, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and wonky hormones. The only thing that I still have are the low hormones, and those are being controlled with HCG and F.emara. I don't know when I will get pg, but I know that I will be healthy for the REST OF MY LIFE.

5) I need to stay calm like Mr. JB. False hpt or not, I need to be more relaxed like he is!

6) I shouldn't yell at my husband about compromising his car choices, when I really wanted to do was cry about AF arriving. Btw, he's going to go to call the bank tomorrow to see if we can get a better financing rate than what the dealership is offering. What is the deal with only offering 0% financing on 2009 models and 5.49% on the 2010's????

7) You girls are the most awesome friends. I wouldn't have been able to deal with this drama and heartache without all of you. I felt absolutely horrible all day and whenever I would check my blog at school I would see another encouraging comment. Also, I'm so glad that my class was so well behaved. They must've sensed that I couldn't handle bad behaviour.

8) Our neighbours on the other side of us are jerks. We've put up with them playing ridiculously loud (and bad) music at all hours of the day. We've complained to them, our management company (we live in a condo townhouse) and we even called the police to see what we could do. They shouldn't mess with an infertile woman who just got a false hpt or they're in for a fight!!!

9) Our Napro practitioner (for those of you that don't speak Napro, she's not a doctor, but she helps us with charting and other fertility-related advice, she's awesome!) thinks that things are looking great. My mucous scores are great (15.3 for those of you that want to know) and that my chart post-surgery/post-L.upron looks so much better than when we first started seeing her. She's also gave me some great advice regarding vitamin D and magnesium. Apparently low vitamin D levels are related to low hormone levels! I need to see my GP to see if I can get my vitamin D levels tested. She also said that low magnesium levels can cause muscle aches. She recommended a magnesium gel that I can get to help with my achy, post-yoga class body!

10) Getting a false hpt isn't that bad. For example, getting my horrible diagnosis last year was much, much worse. I have to remember, we've only been trying for five months, and one of those months I was on heavy-duty antibiotics that I wasn't allowed to get pg on. So four months is a drop in the bucket. I can't really count the other four years since we didn't have a real chance with my compromised anatomy.

11) Lastly, I'm going to continue believing that becoming a mother is possible. This isn't about the plan that I have for my life, its His plan for me. Anything is possible with God, and becoming a mother is definitely possible.

So there.


  1. I am also convinced of #2. And I'm so glad you're able to end with #11. It is possible; keep up hope! :)

  2. Amen! You tell us girl! Love the attitude though I know it's SO hard! You're strong. I know how much you wanted this......heck I wanted it for you so badly! But you listed some great things there.......and you are looking good, and looking good means a + is totally possible!

  3. Great list! I am grateful for you as well and your friendship.

  4. Keep that chin up! I love your positive attitude and can-do spirit! Also, #8 made me giggle. Not that you have bad neighbors, but that they don't know what they're in for, messing with an infertile with a negative HPT! We all seem sweet and innocent but just wait until someone unleashes the infertile fury! :-P
    But anyway, #11 was my favorite. :-)

  5. I've never commented here before, but I've been lurking for a while and have been praying for you steadily the past two days. My prayers will continue!

  6. Love it, and love you!!

    I think my experience was devastating because I had only been trying 1.5 yrs at the time, and was pre-surgery. I thought I was 1 of those women who gets a "Get Out of Surgery Free" cards with my +hpt :)

    I'm so glad you are moving onwards and upwards past this. You are my hero.

  7. It is SO possible, so possible, in fact, that I was convinced THIS month was the month, I was already planning your Fertility Support Group Baby Shower............. perhaps next month? I dunno, but I really think a true BFN is on the horizon.

  8. Awwww! So glad you seem to be feeling a little better at least. I always think it helps to look at what you've learned at least.

    And I agree with you that things are definitely looking better for you! You've got the right attitude and now all you need is prayer which we are working hard to send your way!

  9. Awesome list! I am glad you are keeping the faith and staying strong - and it's true, 5 months is not a lot of time at all...

  10. Your persistence is a real encouragement to me - I have been in that awful purgatory of "is it, isn't it?" pee sticks - with the same outcome.

    You were and are in my prayers - hang in there!

  11. Great list and I love your attitude. I do think this means your cycles are greatly improved!

    I love the list, but #3 is so true. I feel like a killjoy always saying it, but I can't stress it enough.

    I loved you wearing white pants to induce a cycle. That normally works for me, too, but the POAS is the surest way to bring on CD1 no doubt.

  12. It really is annoying that pg symptoms and pms symptoms are so close. I really thought I was pregnant once, and NOPE, it was my period. Totally sucks.

  13. Amen!! I really think this is a sign of good things to come...:)

  14. Great attitude. You should add #1.5 that you will not use +/- tests. I'll be praying that it happens for you soon.

  15. Hi JB, I don't comment often, but I was thinking about your #6 and the 0% financing. I'm not sure what Mr JB wants to get but you might want to consider a new car with some mileage on it, one that's been used as a demo. The price can drop dramatically. Also, here's a link that I found interesting and you might find useful. I found the same article on another financing site. I'm sure they're vying for your business too, but the info is interesting.


    Toyota seems to be offering 0% on select models and it looks like their Red Tag days are on or soon. Kia has some 0% and 2.9% financing deals. Rather than looking for those financing rates, you may do better if you go in with the idea of negotiating a price. If you have a trade, I'd avoid telling them if you can otherwise they may inflate their prices.

    Anyway, just my two cents. ;)

    I'm glad you're moving forward with such a positive attitude on anything. I was sorry to read the other day, but I know it will happen for you one day.

  16. YEAH! I like your "so there." Preach it!

  17. Great reflection and list!!! Love #11.
    Praying for you.

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