14 April 2010

Losing It

I know I made great strides by calling my MOH earlier today, but tonight is a completely different story.

It all started with dinner.

Mr. JB was reheating the tasty, free-range, no antibiotic chicken that we had on Sunday and I suddenly was disappointed that it was my favourite chicken dish that we were having. I had misunderstood and I didn't realize that we had a ton of left-overs in the fridge. Really, it wasn't a big deal, but I had my heart set on the yummy Montreal chicken spiced chicken that I thought we were having.

Then I started a fight because Mr. JB said that he didn't want to test drive a whole bunch of cars this weekend. He's basically made up his mind about what he wants, but I want to try some other options out just to make sure that he gets the perfect one. Mr. JB comes from a long line of G.M. workers, but this time he thinks that he's going to get an import. He says that he will get the import so he can bide his time while G.M. gets its act together and he'll go back to buying domestic.

Anyhow, I started to get irked since I've never really had a very exciting history with car purchases. My parents got me a car when I turned 18 (yes, I know I'm very lucky and I'm also an only child and the car was part of a bribe to stay in the province for university, I wanted to go to Montreal, but my parents couldn't handle it) and then I drove that same car for ELEVEN years. Then seven years ago I bought the newer version of the same car. So you see, not so exciting.

I've gone on a total of ONE test drive in my whole adult life and I'm 35! So I was so pumped about trying out a whole bunch of new cars. I was even going to come up with a checklist so we could compare when we were done.

I ended up crying (not excessively, but there were still tears) on the couch and not being able to finish my dinner.

Have I mentioned that I'm Peak +13 today and I'm going to see my Napro doc tomorrow? I'm so hormonal and scared that I'm going to get bad news, yet again (which is totally contrary to my positive outlook, going to believe I'm going to get pg attitude). My boobs are also sore and my scalp is breaking out -- EEEEWWW!

Btw, do any of you have any advice on how to make manicures last? My feet look awesome, but my hands look nasty! I tried to ask the nice lady that did my nails what to do to make my manicure last longer, but I don't think that she understood me!

It also doesn't help that I'm all crazy hormonal and I have to deal with mortgage-related stuff. For some reason I thought that we were supposed to renew our mortgage in the near future, but
I was off by a couple of years (we refinanced the second year of our marriage 'cos we were having a hard time coping with our wedding/honeymoon debt, a new mortgage and Mr. JB's huge car payments). So current rates are lower than our current one and our financial planner suggested that I find out how much of a penalty we would have to pay if we were to break our mortgage. I almost fell over when the mortgage lady told me. To break our mortgage 26 months early it would be $13 800 (which is almost the price of a small car)!!!!

Anyhow, the mortgage specialist said that we could blend our current rate with a new, lower one and we could still save $320 a month (which is almost a car payment). Our financial advisor ran the numbers and said that we should go with the bank's suggestion. I know that we're still saving money, but not as much as we would've if we went with our financial advisor's option (we would've saved $400!).

I really hate sometime that I have to be responsible for our money. If it was up to Mr. JB he would bury his head in the sand and cross his fingers. It's also frustrating that we've been paying our mortgage for five years and we've barely paid anything off except for $16 ooo in interest!

Then again, I have a house and we can afford a new car. So I shouldn't complain too much, right?

I need more chocolate or something. Not even the iced s.oy gr.een te.a latt.e from St.arbucks was enough to cheer me up (then again I was on my way to a boring meeting, but I was happy until I reached the bottom of the cup!).



  1. oh I'm sorry! I'm praying you get some good news tomorrow that will brighten you up!

  2. I can totally relate to the car issue. My husband's car went in for a tune up and he ended up buying a new one instead of getting the necessary services. I couldn't comprehend that he could deny my the pleasure of researching and testing cars. This is what I do, I don't have car seats, strollers, and and other baby equipment to research so give me some of the simple pleasures. Allow me to be distracted.....is that too much to ask!!!

  3. Sorry for your bad evening. :-( I understand about the car thing--we only test drove one car before buying mine (and we bought that one!) and two before DH's, but he got to drive both of those. But yeah, I hate those days where everything gets to me. Sometimes the best thing you can do with those days is endure them and then put them behind you. Good luck with everything tomorrow, I'll be praying for good news for you!

  4. i read your first post earlier, but was in rush and couldn't comment then.. came back over to say hooray for you!

    but, ugh with the car issue. just go test drive some anyway.

    we'll let you know if we get anything going down here, even though it would probably be super far.. but if you're ever in texas let me know!

    hoping to hear some good news tomorrow, and still... hooray for calling!

  5. I hope these are pregnancy hormones lady!!!! ;)

  6. I put clear polish over my toes to keep the polish from chipping and put lotion on my feet and sleep in socks. mani/pedi is a luxury and I drag it out as long as possible! I sometimes buy the same color and touch up my toes :)
    I am sorry about the frustration over the cars, I often get my heart set on something and don't communicate it well (this is me) and then get frustrated when dh doesn't cooperate. He usually does pretty well if he just realizes how important something is to me. I hope the doct appt goes well!

  7. Yes, I hope its PG hormones. I know you are anxious about the Dr.’s appointment and I pray you get good news.

    I’m opposite. I hate test driving, but I am so cheap. My car is 10 years old now and I’m dreading having to buy another one. I do like researching, though, and do the checklist thing, too.

  8. I am so sorry that it always seems like when PMS is awful our DH's do some stupid things...I hope you can at least get out and drive a few cars this weekend. It is very fun to do!

  9. Sorry about your rough evening. It's always things that seem silly and small that my DH and I seem to get upset with each other over. I think like others have said, you should go test drive some cars, even if Mr. JB has made up his mind already.

  10. oh hun, hugs! We're a foreign car family (honda, toyota) and i get why you want to test out cars, I have never ever test drove a car, and i totally get why you would want to do some searching.
    as for the mortgage - i don't deal with it just because my husband does, just like he doesn't handle all the infertility negotiating ivf clinic call stuff (or the cooking) division of labour! Maybe you should talk to him about it and hand over the reigns for a while...

  11. Oh boy, that sucks. :(

    But here's hoping there is something *special* about those crazy hormones....

  12. If you get a good top coat, you an reapply it daily and it will help protect a manicure.

    I hope today has been better than yesterday.

  13. ohmigoodness, all that mortage stuff made my head spin. I salute you for figuring it out and finding a way to save money ... though sorry it is less than you would like to save!

    I can't seem to keep a manicure for long either, but a coat of clear nail polish over it helps for a little while.

  14. I hope these pregnancy hormones talking!! Do you see Dr.T monthly? I only see her every 3rd cycle!