26 April 2010

Ummm, yeah....

So after my dentist appointment after school I went over to my parents' house.

Btw, I love, love, love going to the dentist! Getting my teeth cleaned is one of my favourite things in the whole world. I know, I'm weird.

I talked to quite a few people during the day about my mom's strange and angering comment and the general consensus was that they thought she was offended by my asking for the money that she owed me. I got even more riled up this morning when I called her to ask if she had my student loan statement for my taxes. What I thought would be a two minute conversation ended with her giving me a lecture about having outstanding debt (she seems to forget that ever since graduating I bought a house, got married, furnished a house, paid off a car, and no, I didn't tell her about the new car!).

I know that my student loan is relatively small, it was just under $7000. I got it to pay for my teachers' college tuition. I also know that I've been dragging my heels and I've been only paying the minimum payment for the past eight years (I know, not very responsible, but I don't even notice the $76 that comes out of my bank account every month). Regardless, when I pay it off is none of her business. I was told when I applied for teachers' college (which was my third university degree) that I had to pay for it. The only thing that my parents helped out with was rent for the last two months of school. I ran out of money and I was desperate.

Needless to say I spent most of the day upset. My class must've noticed something because I got A LOT of hugs today and quite a few "I love yous."

Anyhow, I went to my parents' house and it was like nothing happened. Last night's conversation wasn't mentioned and this morning's wasn't either. I don't know if it was because my dad was home (my mom usually behaves around him AND like I said yesterday, he would've been livid to know that she owed me any money, let alone $230!). My dad and I took a spin around their subdivision 'cos my brakes have been squeaking and my dad wanted to hear for himself.

When we got back from our little drive my mother didn't mention anything. When I arrived at their house I gave her the $90 for the jewelry and the bracelet that wasn't real gold. As I was leaving she handed me the $90 back with a cheque for $140. I told her that I didn't want it, but she insisted. Then we talked about gardening and how I thought she should plant hostas in their front yard.

Totally weird.

It was almost like someone erased her memory or that I just dreamed everything up.

Like I've said many times, she's nuts. I shouldn't let her strange behaviour affect me the way I let it. I got so worked up that I even started getting teary in the staff room! My teaching partner even commented on how upset I was.

Who knows, maybe something else was upsetting her and she used me as a target. I'm tempted to e-mail one of my cousins who lives in the neighbourhood to see if anything happened over the weekend. Even if I asked my mother she would deny it. What I do know is that I just need to let this all go, it's obvious that it's not bothering her any!

In cycle news, it's CD9 and I'm only spotting very lightly. I'm glad that my Napro doc said that it was normal for endo patients to have longer periods. At least I'm not seeing TEBB anymore! No more brown for me!!! I'm really hoping that this new dose of F.emara is going to boost my hormone levels. I also doubled the amount of flax seed oil that I was taking (my naturopath put me on it to help with my estrogen levels pre-peak). I don't know if it's helping, but my skin looks amazing!

I'm hoping that my new, hopeful attitude is going to work. Last weekend's fiasco is in the history books and I want to look at this cycle with possibility.

St. Gianna, please pray for me!

p.s. I finished and filed our taxes tonight. We're getting quite a healthy refund which means that all of our credit card debt is going to be paid off. Praise God!


  1. My BFF and I talk about our mom's weird behaviors all the time. Your situation would fit right in with ours! I don't know what to say except that you are definitely not alone here. Lots of weird mom/daughter relationship stuff out there. Sorry you're part of the club!

  2. I must say, loving the dentist does make you kinda weird! :) you are lovably weird though!

  3. I stormed St Gianna with prayers for you tonight!

    Your mom is weird ;) But loveable in her own way, I'm sure. Nah, I'm jk, I actually don't think it's weird at all. It sounds like something I would do- act crazy one minute and then regret it the next but wanting to avoid confrontation, ignore it rather than bring it up. Is she a Leo, perchance? ;)

    Also, I ADORE the dentist!! That squeaky clean feeling after leaving? Ahhh, you can't find it anywhere else! It probably doesn't hurt I never had a cavity, so no bad associations with dentists for me.

  4. If I could go to the dentist every 3 months it would be heaven! I love getting my teeth cleaned!!! :)

    I must be the only endo patient that have the shortest periods known to man! I think they are tops 4 days! CRAZY!

    Sorry about your Mom!

  5. tax refunds are fantastic things!
    Sorry about the mom factor, my mom is nuts too and I tried ignoring it, I tried addressing it and i have a whole new approach, I just keep it civil but impersonal, she has no respect for me so I dont share a whole lot with her, after all we have to protect ourselves at some point.

  6. Sorry about your issues with your mom. Exciting about the tax refund!