15 April 2010

Man Thongs & Assorted Ramblings

Yes ladies, I saw a man thong this afternoon.


So there's this older guy that practices at my studio and he has always done yoga in tights (like the ones that I wear when I wear a shorter dress or a long sweater) which I've always thought was kinda icky. Really friends, I don't want to see his stuff. There are yoga shorts for men that are not form fitting, you know (the studio even sells them!!).

Anyhow, during class today I looked over and what did I see with my own two eyes? The dude's shirt was riding up so I saw the top of his man thong! How couldn't he have noticed that there was a lot more air on his lower back! Like come on! I don't show off my underwear (and I never wear a thong to yoga, I can't imagine that it would be comfy, I'm all for the boy shorts!) when I practice!

My friend K who was beside the thong exposing man tried to make contact with me, but I'm glad that she didn't 'cos I would've cracked up! She came up to me at the end of class and said that she had to ask me something and I knew exactly what she was going to say!

But I digress.

My appointment with Dr. T went well today. I've been seeing her every two months since my surgery, which seems like a long time, but Napro isn't about being all speedy speedy, it's about figuring things out, right?

So I finally asked her what my hormone levels actually were rather than just a vague high or low. So two cycles ago my progesterone was 84.9 (I have no idea what units progesterone is measured by, and if the numbers are imperial or metric, although I assume they're metric, I do live in Canada) and my estrogen was still low at 168 (it should be around 600, I think). This month's Peak +7 progesterone was 184 (which seems better) and my estrogen was 309 (which is still low, but better).

If this cycle is a bust she wants me to triple my Fe.mara dose. I asked if we could just quadruple the dose, but she wants to see how I respond to the triple dose. She also reassured me that having very, very light bleeding to about CD13 (which was the case this past month) is normal for endo patients. She reassured me and said that she doesn't think that the endo is back, but that she's seen it before in her other patients.

She also says that I don't have to get my FSH checked any more. What a relief! My first FSH level when I got my first period post-Lu.pron was 10, but the subsequent level was normal. She does want me to have it checked in 6 months, which is perfectly reasonable.

One thing that she really wants me to do is food testing. She gave me info about a company in England that will do the testing for 100 British pounds which is cheaper than the first company that she showed me. It does seems like something that I should do since gluten was such a problem. And even if I never get pg, I would feel better if I avoided the other foods that made me feel sick.

I really wish that I was feeling 100% positive about my visit. I was pretty irked since I waited for almost an hour to see her. I was reading and I almost feel asleep for goodness sakes! I know that I have to be patient since we're still working on fixing my hormones AND I'm still healing. I did feel some incision pain this afternoon which is a clear indication that it's going to rain tomorrow.

Yes girls, I'm a weather vane.


On the mortgage front, Mr. JB and I signed the papers tonight. Unfortunately we aren't going to save as much as initially thought, but we're still paying $200 less than we were. Mr. JB really, really wants to get his new car THIS WEEKEND, but I really don't think that it's the best idea. He doesn't have a clue about when and how we pay our bills, which is another post for another time.

Hopefully some soy ice cream will help erase the memory of the man thong. I also apologize for putting the image into your imaginations. Trust me, seeing it for real was much, much worse.



  1. Thanks for your congrats!

    Wow, your life is so busy right now!! How do you keep up? I hope this new mortgage note helps out alot!

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww man thong! I think those should be outlawed, period.

  3. OK, man thong... that's just gross.

    And all I could think of at the end of your post was that you're like that girl in Mean Girls... the one whose boobs can tell the weather. Not ahead of time, but, "Well, they can tell when it's raining." Hahahahaha!!

  4. Okay, this post and the comments cracked me up!

    I have no words re: the man thong.

    Praying that all this healing and progress ends in a nice Baby Jelly Belly!

  5. Why would anyone choose to wear a thong everyday is beyond imagineable to me. :) I hate those things and only wear them for special occasions. Not that you needed that imagine....But it's crazy!

    I hope this is it!!! But it does look like your body is responding well to the treatment!

  6. Thank you so much for that visual. It will haunt me all day!

  7. Nasty! That's all I can say. I hope you can sleep tonight!

  8. Thong must have been so so yucky.

    would love to know more about the food testing as I would like to do the same thing (can't ohip cover it?)....

  9. First of all, I have strong opinions (negative) about thongs for women (and yes, I own two), because that is NOT HYGIENIC and NOT COMFORTABLE. And for men - well, in addition to those same problems, they have OTHER problems, and as an IFer, I can't imagine that the thong is good for...anything. Including, obviously, people who have to see it. GROSS.

    Also: are you REEAALLLY a professional shopper? (I thought you were a teacher, but I guess you could be both.) I am very impressed.

  10. Haha.......absolutely disturbing. Maybe that's why I don't go to yoga.....oh wait actually that's because I am too lazy. I keep saying I am going to start going maybe you will be my motivation!