12 April 2010

Strange Dreams

I think that I may be losing it.

I normally have very vivid dreams, but this one takes the cake! I dreamt that I was a bird and I was looking out into a backyard and I watching another bird with her little baby chicks. As a bird I was thinking, "I'm really hungry and I really want to eat one of those birds, but that bird is my friend and if I eat her baby she would be very sad." I think that I started to swoop down on the baby bird that I had targeted, since my hunger won out, but I woke up before I could see the result.

Are there any dream interpreters out there? What is up with that????

I had a great weekend. On Friday night I went out for dinner with some colleagues. It was so much fun and it was great to hang out away from school. On Saturday I spent most of the morning getting a mani/pedi and having my eyebrows threaded. I absolutely LOVE getting my nails done, now it just has to be warmer so I can wear sandals!!! 

Saturday afternoon I attended my first meeting of an IF support group that Tishi has organized. It was a great afternoon and I met some very strong and courageous women. We were all at different stages of our IF journey and it was really helpful for me to see how they deal with IF day to day. I can't wait to meet up with them next month! 

Yesterday was a lazy day. After mass I took a nice long nap and then I went to two yoga classes. I was pretty distracted during the second one since I was getting pretty hungry! It was hard to be "present" while I was thinking of what I wanted to eat when I got home!

So this week I see my Napro doctor. I will be Peak +13 when I see her so she will have my bloodwork results from Peak +7. I really hope that the double dose of F.emara has helped. I've been feeling really tired since starting the HCG injections (I have my last shot tonight, woohoo!). I ovulated later this month than I did last, I think on CD16 or 17, which is what my body does on ovulation-inducing drugs. 

After meeting with the girls of Saturday I've decided that the most important thing that I can do in my journey to be a mom is to BELIEVE that it's going to happen. After almost five years of seemingly getting no where, I just have to have faith that I will get pg one day. 

Hopefully that's the missing piece to this puzzle. 



  1. Yes, keep believing! Praying for you :)

  2. Yeah, I have been "checking" my thoughts and speech
    for the last couple of days. I'm trying to change my "if's" to "when's" and tying to visualize my hose with little ones in it. It actually makes me ache to do it, but I'm trying to feel like it will happen. I was actually inspired by you to continue to DO THIS MY WAY. I have not wanted to do any "treatments" other then those with my naturopath and just de-stressing in general. Thats what I'm comfortable with now, and thats what I will stick to until that changes. (although I will still be going with the laproscopy)

    As for the dream, that is an odd one. Perhaps you just have to wonder what it is your "hungry" for, I'm guessing it was not food :)

  3. Crazy dream, ha ha!

    Also, I have often wondered about eyebrow threading... how does that work?!

    The way things are going with the IF bloggers, a baby is gonna come to you one way or another!

  4. Leila,

    Eyebrow threading is the BOMB!!!! I used to get mine waxed, but it was making my skin red and sensitive. I find that it lasts longer AND my skin isn't red at all afterwards. I even get my upper lip threaded! I found a cheap salon that will do my eyebrows and upper lip for $6.50! That's nuts! I used to pay $10 just to get my brows waxed. Basically the esthetician takes two pieces of string and she traps the hair in between and by some hand motion the hairs get removed. It looks like the two pieces of string rub together, but I honestly don't know how it happens!

  5. cant help with the dream...........but sounds very strange!

  6. JB, it sounds awesome!! There is this kiosk in the middle of our mall which does it, and it's always busy, but it just seemed so.... odd! Thread? Weird! Still, it sounds like it's worth it, for sure!! Waxing and laser are not cheap! I just wonder about sitting in the middle of the mall having that done when a thousand people are walking by, ha ha! I am sure there are other places....

  7. I have no clue what your dream means, other than that you're a looney ;P

    I cannot fathom why we are still here, JB, I really can't. What more is there for us to do?? I am praying hard for you.

  8. That is a weird dream. I mean, part of the interpretation seems obvious, right (the desire to take somebody else's babies away - but is that so we can have them ourselves or so that they don't have them to make us sad?). The "hungry" part is interesting too - equates wanting a baby with something that's much more necessary for us to survive (eating) than having children is. Wonder what a dream expert would say. Will you share if you find out?

    Also, what is getting one's eyebrows "threaded"? I know about waxed, but what do they do with thread?

  9. Misfit,

    See my response to Leila above. Threading rocks!

  10. Hope you remember me and I am so excited to wirte my first comment on your blog!!! I am the other asian lady in the group! We met this past Saturday at the support meeting and I just have to say I admire your strength and humour in going through with everything! Keep that smile glowing! Believe! it is a very strong word and I guess we can all try to believe we will become pregnant one day soon! You and tishi have inspired me to do some yoga and hopefully it will help me go through my next IUI next month!
    Good luck with everything and looking forward to seeing both you and tishi next month and giving you both really big hugs of support!
    Yeah, i totally like the whole idea of getting some pampering...i need to have my pedicure done like soon!

  11. Gotta love HCG dreams!!!

    That's great you found an IF support group! awesome!

  12. Crazy dream! I agree with Misfit's interpretation.

    Very cool that you found a support group.

    I'm very tempted to check out threading.

  13. Okay that dream really made me laugh! sorry!!!

    (I am thinking it has a LOT to do with IF though!!! (yes I know I'm a real genius for seeing that).

    It is SO difficult to hope, but I do think God wants us to hope and pray and trust that He can do it in us.

    You are going to be a mother soon JB!!

  14. I hate threading. I find it so much more painful than waxing. I would rather deal with the red than have threading done!

    Keep believing, it really can get you somewhere.

  15. totally agree about the believing and say that it is true, at least it feels better to say "when" to believe, because eventually you can convince yourself that it will happen... or at least I sorta felt like that.