6 April 2010

The saga continues....

So friends, my inaction has caused the saga of my fertile maid of honour to continue.

While we were in Montreal my cell phone rang and I saw that it was her -- she did call Tuesday or Wednesday of last week and I didn't do anything about it. When we got home last night there was also an e-mail from her in my inbox asking where I was and that she was getting worried.

I know that it's unavoidable that I have to call her.


And I also know that being nice JellyBelly that I won't tell her off and say that I'm so disappointed that she didn't have the courage and the tact to tell me herself that she had gotten pregnant.

I'm also not going to ask how she convinced her husband that made her get an IUD that she wanted to have a second child.

I have to be the bigger person in this one, I know.

I would much rather yell, scream and cry, but that's just not me.

Swallowing one's pride is not easy, especially when one is so incredibly angry and disappointed.

Btw, while we were in Montreal we visited St. Joseph's Oratory. I really wanted to go because there's a place where you can write your intentions for St. Joseph and you can pray for them in front of St. Joseph's oil. I really hope that my prayers for all of us IF'ers come through soon.

p.s. Although I'm exhausted, I am absolutely over the moon that my D.uke Bl.ue De.vils won the N.CAA Cha.mpionship last night. I was so excited that I could barely sleep! Woohoo!


  1. URGH!!!!!! I don't even talk to my MOH anymore.... :(

  2. I know you can do it. You can. Just keep telling yourself that and you can! It won't be easy, but I have to believe that all this goodness will come back to you.

  3. How frustrating! I'm sorry you have to deal with that. When you want to scream as you're talking to her, just repeat over and over in your head.. "Duke..national champions..Duke..national champions"!

  4. Praying that you will have great peace when the time comes to talk to her...

  5. I dont speak to my MOH anymore either lol :P But I know you will deal with it and get by.

    BTW - I had never heard of Duke before and then turned on our sport channel here in Aus, and the championship game was being played - I cheered them on for you (lol after I already knew the result from your fb status!)

  6. I'm sorry. Are you SURE you don't want to tell her off? In a polite way? For me?

    (File this under "things that make you go 'huh'": my bridesmaid whose MOH I was [my sister was mine] is recently divorced. She said that after her rough childhood she would never raise a child as a single mother, even though she's graduating med school this year and could surely support one. She and I haven't had any heart-to-heart talks about IF, though she will periodically scold me about whether I am keeping up with my doctor or counsel me not to be too obsessed with houses as they will not fill all the voids in my life. But she has taken it upon herself to inform me that should she get knocked up out of wedlock, not that that seems likely, any and all children will be handed over to me. Guess that's not such a bad arrangement.)

  7. I hope you get through it. Nothing fun about this situation.

  8. Maybe you can get a catty comment in there somewhere. I know I would, but I am not as nice as you are. :)