2 October 2011

Summer Prayer Buddy Reveal

I was so excited about the last edition of Summer Prayer Buddies! I love having a particular person to pray for!

I had the wonderful fortune of praying for Mrs. Henderson at Still Standing!  It definitely wasn't a coincidence, the Holy Spirit had His hand in pairing us up. We are both teachers and as I type this she is in Omaha!

I was able to offer up many prayers for her intentions and I stepped up my prayers when it looked like her insurance company wasn't going to cover her surgery's cost. I prayed the St. Gerard novena for her every night and I offered up every yoga class for her (there was a lot of sweat generated for your intentions!). I've also been offering up my frustration with my class -- and there has been a healthy dose of that!

I am continuing my prayers for her as her surgery approaches. I am certain that Dr. Hilgers will work miracles for you too!

Thanks to Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. B for organizing Summer Prayer Buddies!

p.s. I will be sending your gift when I'm in the US next week!

Thank you so much to God Alone Suffices  for her prayers! I cannot believe how calm I have been as I wait for my surgery. I am certain that your prayers have made the stressful process of organizing tests, ultrasounds, arranging to go to the US for my hormone panel and ultrasound series go so smoothly!
God bless you and I will be praying for you too!

p.s. I'm still looking for advice on US cell phones. Please help if you can!

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