30 October 2011

Days One & Two of the Big Infertile Adventure (Part II)

We have arrived safely in Omaha.

Praise Jesus!

The last hour of our drive was brutal and despite being generally a good-natured person who is married to an even more good-natured person, we were at our wits' end! Driving in flat farmland for eight hours was not our idea of fun!

Last night we stayed with Mr. JB's buddy just outside of Chicago. We were so touched that they offered us their guest room because they have an autistic son who really needs a strict routine. They were wonderful hosts and they even found me a gluten-free pizza. It was tasty, but the deep dish pizza that everyone else had smelled so incredible. I was more than a little bit jealous!

This morning we all went to mass at our friends' parish, coincidentally called St. Jude. He has been quite busy for me since I was in NJ! Mass was beautiful and we were so impressed by their choir. Not only was it a very talented and large choir, but they also had a horn and bell section! Wow!

After going out for breakfast -- which is never a fun meal with all of my allergies! -- we headed back out on the road. I didn't drive at all yesterday because I had a horrible headache that wouldn't go away. I'm blaming it on my crazy blood sugar and stress. I was very careful today and I made sure that I ate low GI all day. We stocked up on apples and baby carrots this morning so I wasn't tempted to gorge on non-JB friendly snacks.

While I drove today I spotted an outlet mall in the middle of nowhere in Iowa and I snuck in the quickest shopping trip ever! Mr. JB was impressed that I did the entire mall in 40 minutes. I was determined to see all the stores that I wanted to see and I was successful. I figure I won't be in any shape to visit on our way back home, so I had to take advantage. Lucky for my wallet I only found one cute top at J. C.rew and there was it. Mr. JB was worried when I went into Ba.nana Re.public since I have been known to spent quite a bit of money every time I visit an outlet. He said that he saw the glazed-over shopping excitement look that I get, but then I snapped out of it.

We were going to stop in Des Moines for dinner, but we had snacked enough in the car and we wanted to push onward to Omaha. By the time we arrived here we were starving, but we knew that had to hurry since we were meeting one of my BIL's Jesuit friends who was going to show us to where we were staying.

We quickly unpacked our car and we got back on the road to find food. We tried to use our GPS' recommendations, but everything we chose wasn't in existence (guess it's time to update my GPS software!). We were lucky to find a sign for the Old Market district and we found a great taco place. We are definitely going to be back!

So tomorrow morning I have my pre-op appointment at the hospital, then we head to PPVI for an ultrasound and my pre-op physical exam. I can't wait to meet Dr. Hilgers!

Thank you all so much for your prayers during our trip. We encountered rain just a few times, but the majority of the trip was dry and clear. I told the Jesuit that met us tonight that we had angels watching over us on our journey, and I definitely felt all of you rooting for us!


  1. wow, j. crew..it is soooo expensive over here...luv luv luv Banana Republic..so jealous! love outlet malls! especially in states! we should have more of that here in Toronto. i need to find Gluten Free pizza! never tried it. Don't know where to find it in the city!
    Take care of yourself but great that your Dh is with you!

  2. Good luck! Prayers being lifted for you!

  3. Yay!! You've arrived!! And how nice of your Dh to allow you to walk into Banana Republic lol. Seriously, it's times like this where shopping therapy is truly necessary.

    How cool that you get to meet Dr. Hilgers. My EPII was actually in PA, so the closest I got was a very old video from the early 80's where he is wearing plaid flared pants and conducting a follow-up with a client couple wearing large 80's glasses. Hilarious.

  4. p.s. One of the interns at EPII was from Ontario.

  5. So excited for you!!!!

    I was born in Iowa and I hate it. :) Not gonna lie! I wonder if you passed signs for Monticello? Des Moines isn't far from where I was born.....There is a beautiful monastery in ames, I think....stunning!

    So excited for you! I hope you don't need to do a bowel prep?!

  6. Good luck, hoping and praying that this is the answer for you. Sending you a big hug.

  7. Yay! You are in the same state as me!! :) I'll do my "shopping in Omaha" post in a little bit for ya. I hope you enjoy my fair city (yes I still call it mine even though I don't live there).

  8. You've made it to Omaha, yea! I've never been to Canada, so I'm not sure of the scenery, but the flat land and corn fields through Iowa are pretty...uh...boring. I was pleasantly surprised when I made it to Omaha. I didn't know it was hilly. Fortunately for you it won't snow (like it did for us) because driving on those hilly roads can be scary. Anyway, I'd recommend visiting St. Cecelia's church. It is near Creighton and has a museum and gift store. My church at home is very modern so DH and I loved visiting a traditional Catholic Church. Just beautiful and worth a trip!

  9. Hooray!!! I'm so excited for your safe trip to Omaha and to meet Dr. H!
    Isn't it exciting to finally get all your plans in motion?

  10. Continued prayers!!

    I can completely understand about the flat farmland. I use to drive the 400 miles from Illinois, through Iowa, to Omaha when I attended Creighton University. I swear, at times we needed to check the mile markers just to make sure we had moved! LOL Hang in there!

  11. Glad to hear you've had a safe journey thus far. Hope your pre-op went well. Good luck tomorrow! : )