1 October 2011

Practical Advice Needed

I can't believe that my surgery is in exactly a month.

Oh my gravy.

Part of me is panicking, and another is thankful since my cramps are just horrible right now. Thank God for whoever invented ibuprofen in gel pills!

I head to the States next week for my ultrasound series and I have been thinking about getting a pay-per-use cell phone rather than getting US roaming on my Canadian phone. Our cell phone rates are crazy expensive and I really want the piece of mind of having a phone that I can use when I need to. The phone will also come in handy when we're in Omaha (although we got a phone package for Mr. JB's car, we have On.Star service that we decided to renew).

Advice, anyone?


  1. The pay as you go cell phone is probably much much cheaper. Maybe $30 or less at Walmart and you have no commitments. I'd go with that option.

  2. One month-how wonderful! I am sorry to hear your cramps are bad, but hopefully that will be a thing of the past soon!

  3. I haven't researched the difference, but I too think the pay as you go cell will be the cheaper way to go!

  4. I'd do the pay as you go. And then use that phone to call me and we'll meet up! :)

  5. I just checked www.walmart.com and you can buy various pre-paid phones (Verizon, Tracfone, etc.) for less than $20 and then you just buy the card minutes for $15, $25, etc. Calling rates look like they might be 25 cents a minute or so within the states, but each plan is different. I just looked at the Verizon one.