8 October 2011

Strange Incision Pain -- Help!

So my fellow endo sufferers, have any of you experienced very uncomfortable incision pain?

I usually feel a dull ache when it's going to rain, but since yesterday I have been in quite a bit of discomfort. The pain is localized on the left hand side of my incision and it radiates into my pelvis.

Such fun.

I gave in and took some pain killers this morning because I needed to function.

Thank the Lord I am starting my ultrasound series next week! Hopefully TCIE will find what is going on!!!

p.s. Thank you all for your kind words on my last post. Your prayers definitely helped!


  1. I still "feel" my bowel incision... But nothing so bad as to take pain meds! Hopefully tcie can find something!

  2. Hey girl, I have NOT personally, but I have heard that the pain may occur due to adhesions near the incision. OR that during surgery, the endo can be spread to the incision site. Ummmm, probably not what you want to hear...and I honestly don’t know if any of that is true. Sorry if that is not much help--just taking a few guesses from what I’ve heard. I hate that you are having more endo pain. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. hey! I had some weird pains near my incisions - I think for like 3 months actually, off and on! So don't worry!!! I hope it gets better soon and is much more bearable!!!!

  4. (ok maybe I wasn't that helpful but I hope I was!!!!!!!)

  5. I should add that I still have funny pains sometimes near there but I don't know what to associate them with. K now I swear I'm done :)

  6. Yikes!! Hurry up and get to Omaha so Dr Hilgers can fix you all up. Let me tell you, a life without weird endo pains is pure bliss!