15 October 2011

Days Four, Five & Six of the Big Infertile Adventure

TCIE and I have been having too much fun that I haven't had the time to blog! Also, I was trying to get my report cards done while I was on the computer -- thank goodness for technology! I was able to get my work done away from home.

Day Four: I went with TCIE to her morning job and was able to see the new facility that her boss has recently opened up. It was definitely one of the nicest doctor's offices I have ever been to! All of her co-workers were so friendly and welcoming, especially when I told them about my upcoming journey to Omaha.

In the afternoon I had another blood draw, which went very well. I can't get over the very comfortable reclining beds that they use instead of the upright chairs that we have back home! I never have to see my own blood, which is wonderful since I am so squeamish.

We were able to leave early that day and TCIE and I attending the Marian procession celebrating the final apparition of the Virgin Mary at Fatima.  There were hundreds of people there! It was such a powerful experience to say the rosary with so many people.

Day Five: I had my second ultrasound with my personal ultrasonographer (now, how many of you can say that?). Unfortunately, the results were not good. For the first (known) time, it seems like I am not going to ovulate this cycle. TCIE figures that the stress of the upcoming surgery on top of my stress of traveling here plus work have contributed to my ovaries not cooperating. Needless to say I was pretty devastated -- ovulating was the one thing that my body did properly. I was suspecting that something was amiss since my CM was completely non-existent, again, something that is out of the ordinary (since my second surgery I have not needed any mucus enhancers whatsoever, if you know what I mean).

I had made plans with one of my girlfriends that lives in the area and she picked me up right after my ultrasound. It was pretty hard not to break down and cry all the way to lunch. Lucky for me I have a lot of practice pretending that I am not dying on the inside. We went to the local mall and she helped me find birthday presents for Mr. JB -- I may have gone overboard, but it makes me so sad to be away from him on his special day. 

My friend brought me back to TCIE's house and she ended up spending the evening with us. We had some dinner and snacks and some wine. Let's just say TCIE and I drowned our sorrows. I just hope that the video proof of my drunken storytelling doesn't make it onto the internet!

I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit brought us together to comfort one another -- TCIE had a tough day yesterday as well. It would've been pretty difficult to work through the results of my ultrasound alone. Having a sister in struggle right beside me was such a blessing!

Mr. JB assures me that this wasn't a wasted trip, although the blood work and ultrasounds may not be of any use to Dr. Hilgers. TCIE has assured me that I'm not going to be denied my surgery, but that I may have to do some of the testing at home, or perhaps even return here for a complete ultrasound series.  I'm going to call the nurses at PPVI on Monday to see what they say.


Day Six: After our wine-filled evening I was able to sleep in until 11:30am -- something that I never do! If I was at home I would've already gone to a yoga class, done laundry and made at least two meals. It was so nice to wake up, fully rested.

TCIE called her boss and asked her if I needed to come in for my blood work and she said that there was no point since my follicle was so small. Part of me was relieved to not to have to get another needle, but a bigger part of me wished that my body would cooperate.  TCIE said that she would scan me again tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully there will be some growth -- please pray for a late ovulation!!!!

We were going to go to the National Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia, but we realized in the car that the journey was going to be much longer than anticipated, so instead we got gluten-free falafel in a nearby town. It was so good that I was moved to happy tears. I think that I was the source of amusement to both TCIE and the women behind the counter! I have never been so happy to eat falafel in my entire life! Yes, I am not the only blogger that is obsessed with food!

So prayer warriors, please petition heaven for my slow-growing follicles. It will require a miracle at this point to make this a good cycle for the tests that I need done for Omaha, but miracles do happen, right?

p.s. In my infertile stupour I completely forgot that we went to a mass for Women Praying to Conceive on Wednesday. It was such a beautiful mass and there were so many people in attendance. At the end of mass one of the priests spoke very beautifully about the difficult plight of infertile women -- I wish that I had a tape recorder to remember all that he said. 

At the end of mass all of the women praying to conceive were called up to venerate a relic of St. Gerard. TCIE and I waited quite a while, and we were pretty close to the front! After venerating the relic each woman was given a St. Gerard prayer card and an envelope that was filled with a St. Gerard hankerchief, a prayer card with a medal attached, and a novena book.

Afterward, we visited his statue and I lit a candle in honour of all my sisters in struggle.  TCIE also told me of the Italian tradition of pinning money on St. Gerard, and I did not want to leave any stone unturned, so I joined in.

As we were leaving, I couldn't resist but take a photo of the sign on the front of the church:

I tried to remember all of you that are still waiting! I hope that St. Gerard will intercede for us soon! 
St. Gerard, pray for us!


  1. St Gerard is going to be BUUUUUUUU-SYYYYYY between the two of us!!

  2. St. Gerard has some amazing graces up his sleeve! :) He's definitely your man.

    Personally, I think it would be amazing if you two got pregnant on the same cycle at some point! Ahhh… please Lord!

  3. You know I'm not religious, but I did have a moment in Montreal at that crypt, something inspirational, I hope you had that too.

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry it wasn't good news. I didn't ovulate during my pre-Omaha u/s series either (at TCIE's dr's office, no less!). It didn't even occur to me that it was a waste of time, I just thought it showed I had an ovulation problem. But if you know you normally do, then that's probably a different story. I hope it works out!

    St. Gerard is definitely on your side now! And that lit-up sign is awesome :)

  5. Sorry your cycle isn't cooperating :(. What a disappointment, but totally understandable, considering the stress you've been under! I always ovulated at least a week late when I was under stress (sometimes two weeks - and in extreme situations, stopped ovulating altogether).

  6. That mass sounds like it was wonderful! :) Sorry about your ovulation problems. I will pray it is just on the late side.

  7. Yeah for St. Gerard! Thank you for remembering all of us while you were there. And thank the Good Lord for vino!

  8. What perfect timing to be with TCIE and venerating St. Gerard! I am so sorry about the wimpy follicle. :( Praying your body cooperates (but glad to hear that it won't delay your surgery regardless!)

  9. I wish every parish had a mass like that! Sometimes the most comforting thing is just to have someone else acknowledge the pain...so often infertility is hidden. And, St. Gerard is awesome! He'll come through. :)

    I'm sorry about the frustration of your cycle...but I have a really good feeling about your upcoming surgery!! I just feel like God is telling me that it's going to be a wonderful thing in your life.

  10. It sounds like you are having an amazing adventure despite ovulation problems. I am still praying for you and hoping very much for another pregnancy announcement soon!

  11. I'm so sorry about your non-ovulation. I never thought I had a problem either, until two cycles when I didn't ovulate (AFTER my surgery, ugh!). However, you will get your answers after surgery!!! Be assured of that!
    I'm so glad you were able to visit & venerate St. Gerard's relic! I have a similar prayer book, hankerchief, prayer card, etc. Here's to St. Gerard answering them!