11 October 2011

Day Two of the Big Infertile Adventure

So today was my first day of tests. I have to admit that I was quite anxious since I needles and JellyBelly are not friends, but my anxiety was unwarranted. I had a great day today!

I knew that TCIE was going to be an amazing ultrasonographer and she did not disappoint. It was neat to be able to watch my insides on the monitor as she was scanning me. It always amazes me how the black and white images can be interpreted as real stuff! From what it looks, and from what TCIE told me, it looks like there's quite a bit of stuff going on. She said that it looks like I have quite a few adhesions and that she saw at least one fibroid. Dr. H is going to have quite a bit to work on! I was very happy to have had a pain-free ultrasound (unlike my experience on my day 5 scan).

TCIE's boss drew my blood and she was so amazingly gentle. I'm used to sitting up in a chair back home and today I got to lie down and not see a thing! She made a blood draw almost 100% pleasant!

I feel like I am such good hands here and again I don't doubt that I am where I am supposed to be.

Tomorrow is a day off for tests and I think that Dr. Nora and I are going to go on a bit of an adventure.

Thank you all for your continued prayers!


  1. Awesome :)
    I want to get wanded by TCIE!!

  2. Just got caught up on your blog....and your trip. Praying for every aspect of it and won't stop asking God to give you a baby. or two. or four. :)

  3. yah for pain free procedures! So excited that healing is on its way!

  4. Must be nice to have an u/s'er who isn't a masochist. I've only gotten one or two over the years who seemed to give a s%$* whether or not you were in extreme pain during :(.
    Hope the rest of your visit goes well! You're so close to MD, sure you don't wanna make a day trip down? :)

  5. Yay! Sooo glad it's going well and almost pain-free.

  6. Sometimes I think it's a bit hilarious how all the muddy gray images turn into stuff for the sonographers and doctors! "Like seriously? That gray blob looks just like that other gray blob..."