16 October 2011

Day Seven of the Big Infertile Adventure -- Apparently miracles do happen!

So of course, this trip could not go without drama.

But don't worry, this is good drama.

TCIE and I were having a bit of the feel-me-sorries with regards to our uncooperative follicles. She decided that we should have an ultrasound today to see what was going on. It seems as though the Holy Spirit was busy this afternoon.

We had planned to go to a healing mass at a local parish, but when we got to the church we saw a sign that read, "Healing Mass Cancelled." Needless to say we were more than a little shocked. Apparently the priest that was going to celebrate mass was quite ill that he even had to cancel noon mass. In a panic we had to find church for mass, which was not an easy feat being so late in the afternoon.

Mr.,  Mrs. TCIE and I feverishly worked our smartphones, GPS and computer to find a nearby mass. Luckily we found a mass not to far away at 5pm that left us enough time to go to TCIE's office to get wanded -- later in the day that we planned, which was a very good thing.

And let's just say that TCIE was more than a little shocked to see what she saw. There wasn't too much going on on my right ovary, but on the left, the left was a different story. The little follicle that was growing on Friday was only 0.76cm grew to a whopping 1.8cm -- substantial growth for two days. TCIE was shocked.

It seems that this cycle isn't a bust after all.

What I'm thinking is that this may be part of my issue.

So I go for another scan before we leave for home tomorrow and I'm thinking that the follicle ruptured while we were at mass -- at St. Jude's. Ironic? I think not.

So please petition any saint that you can think of, prayer warriors. It would be so amazing if the follicle ruptures while I'm here so I don't have to continue with ultrasounds when I get home.

St. Gerard definitely came through, he just has a little more to go!


  1. Excellent news!

  2. Wow, that's great.

  3. And how ironic is it that the Healing Mass priest was too ill to celebrate Mass...? :)

  4. Burst follie, burst!!!!!!!!!! St. Gerard, pray for J!!!

  5. Wow... hoping this cycle is a good one!! And I second Lisa on the irony of the poor priest who had to cancel a healing Mass due to being sick! :(

  6. WOW!!!!! Hooray! I hope that your follicle has burst by now ...
    Yay for St. Gerard!

  7. Praise Jesus! Thank you St. Gerard and St. Jude! Prayers coming your way right now ;)

  8. So awesome, I will pray for you to St. Nick! My husbands mom prayed to him for 5 years before she had 3 boys. She still keeps pictures of him everywhere. I am not sure of there is a st. of follies so st. Nick it is!

  9. I am so excited about this change of events...more information for PPVI that will get you one step closer to conceiving! Still praying!

  10. "She decided that we should have an ultrasound today" - this strikes me as funny. Is it just me? Glad to hear that your follicles are now cooperating better. And maybe you are in fact discovering part of an issue! Here's hoping PPVI has some good ideas for you!