21 October 2011

JellyBelly - HCG = :( -- Updated

I was driving home today and I was wondering why I felt like crying.

My day wasn't particularly bad. The kids weren't any crazier than usual. In fact I actually figured out that if I ignored the misbehaving kids and praised the ones that were behaving that they would understand what I wanted.

Then it hit me. No HCG. I couldn't take it for this cycle since Dr. Hilgers needed to see what my hormones looked like without medicine.

So I'm not losing my mind, I just feel like I am.

All of the strange weeping I've been doing has a clear explanation -- honestly every time one of my students did something good this week I've had to wipe tears out of my eyes (then again, perhaps I was crying tears of joy!).

Oh HCG, I miss you so much. I thought that PMS and crashing hormones were a distant memory, but I was wrong.

I hope that my break from HCG is very temporary because I can't take feeling like this! 

Yet another reason why I want my surgery to happen!

Update: All the stress from yesterday may have been for naught -- I've started spotting, albeit very lightly. I'm surprised since it is only CD23 and P+4. I guess I REALLY need HCG...


  1. I :heart: HcG. It's wonderful. So sorry you can't have any but surgery and healing awaits!

  2. Oh that does explain a lot. That's a good strategy with your students. Hope it works!

  3. You and hcg get along a lot better than me and hcg do lol. Me + Hcg = bad, bad, bad. Hope this is the worst you feel for a long time.

  4. HCG can prevent all the pre-AF crying? Sign me up! Hahah - but seriously - it is good to have a chemical reason why you are so crazy, and not have to search for deep emotional ones. Surgery soon!

  5. hey glad to hear you figured out why you have been "crying" a bit more lately...Hugs! see you later today! dress warmly...

  6. Yuck! hope you get some relief soon. At least you weren't irritable with your students ;)

  7. Oh I looooove me some HCG. It stinks to go without!! Hang in there Jellybelly.

  8. The emotional whirlwinds can drive a girl nuts! I haven't tried HCG, but I am on estradiol & promethium. I don't have PMS now, I just have crazy crying when CD1 arrives! :) You are so close now... hang in there! I'm so hopeful that this will be the answer for you!! Hugs!

  9. It stinks to go without!! Hang in there Jellybelly.