20 October 2011

Road Blocks

It was not a fun afternoon in the land of JellyBelly.

I hustled out of school to get to the lab for my Peak +3 blood work -- quite the feat since the dismissal bell rings at 3:15pm and the lab closed at 4pm. There were more than a few surprised teachers when they saw me leaving right after school (although there are quite a few that leave early as well, I get trapped in my classroom until at least 4:30pm).

I drove like a maniac to the lab which was only about 7 minutes away. I was lucky to find parking in the garage not too far away and then I booted it to the lab.

Guess what greeted me when I arrived?

"Please be advised that this location has new hours: 7am to 3pm."

I almost broke down and cried.

Instead of having a breakdown in the lobby I took out my phone and called the customer service number. I was told that there was another lab in my city that closed at 4pm, but it was already 3:40pm and the drive was at least 20 minutes away. There was no way I could make it.

So no Peak +3 blood work for me.

I tried to contain myself until I got in the car (and I had to pay $3 for parking for less than 10 minutes!) and I broke down when I got Mr. JB on the phone. I decided to drive towards my  house since I didn't know where else to go. Mr. JB convinced me to pull over since I was crying so hard and it wasn't safe for me to be on the road.

Not my finest moment.

We decided that I call PPVI to see what they thought, but the nurses were all busy and it was almost the end of their work day. Then I got the bright idea of going back to my school to talk to the secretary. I really needed a mom at that moment and she pulled through.

Now, I'm not a needy person. Quite the contrary, I really don't like being taken care of at all. But as soon as I saw D, the secretary, I broke down and started to cry. She was incredibly patient and heard me out and said that we would find a solution. My biggest worry was that I would have to take even more time off to have the blood tests taken -- my principal is a stickler for rules and he doesn't like to let us leave early for insurance reasons (or at least that's what he says). 

So my school secretary suggested that I do the blood work in the morning. If I switched my planning time to first thing (mine is currently second period) I would have a bit of a cushion just in case the lab was running late. D thinks that my principal will also like the slant that I would be "saving the school money" by not taking the afternoon off to have my tests done. Also, coming in a bit late is better than leaving an hour early.

I think that I could've figured out that solution on my own, but I was so wound up that I couldn't think straight. Mr. JB also reminded me that having a crazy class doesn't help with stress levels and that we're pretty much down to the wire before my surgery. I only have six full teaching days until I go on my leave!

I was lamenting to Mr. JB that it seems like there have been so many road blocks in our lives. I know that this one wasn't huge, but at about 3:45pm this afternoon it seemed insurmountable. There are so many times that I feel like the Lord is mocking us, or at least testing us to see what we're made of. I try so hard to be positive, but this afternoon was truly a test for me.

Again, I can't wait to be in Omaha. All of this preparation for surgery is going to make a laparotomy seem like a party! A party that involves surgery and pain killers, but a party nonetheless.


  1. Sorry you had such a rough day, I would have lost it too. So glad your husband and the Secretary both helped to make it better. The new morning plan sounds good. Good luck!!!

  2. Oh J! I'm so sorry you got pounded with unfairness today. :( Doesn't it seem like the medical system is out to get us IF girls? What's up with that?

    I think that a P+4 is fine in your case, our docs just make due. What a gem of a secretary, she has amazing skills of fixing things. God provided a little angel to help you, He provides!

  3. Lucky for me the lab is open on Saturday so PPVI will get all my post-Peak blood, just not P+3. I don't want to risk being late for school tomorrow before I clear it all with my principal!

  4. Praying for the roadblocks to disappear!

    I can't 'til you are praying to pass gas :)) That will mean your surgery is done and you are on your road to full recovery!!!!

  5. I think you really need this time off. I am so glad you will get a chance to properly recover without being stressed by school.

  6. I was so glad to hear about the solution you came up with! Though remember - don't sweat the small stuff. The labwork pre-surgery isn't going to accurately reflect the changes we hope to see post-surgery ;)

  7. Oh, I have had those days. It all just piles up until one little thing breaks the dam and the tears start gushing. I'm sorry you had such a stressful day! Just a few more days and you will get that vacation you need. :)

  8. Ugh. I hate days like that!! Sometimes you just need a good cry to get all the frustration out. I am glad you found a solution.

  9. Oh! I would have cried too. But getting the bloodwork done on P+4 in the morning is okay, better than not at all! I hope today is much better!

  10. I remember those days well. I would rush out of work and go to the MBFC and rush to get lab work done not wanting anyone to know what I was doing. I hate that labs and banks close that early. Don't they know that people work and those times are unreasonable. I hope you can get your P+4 without a hitch. Wow, only six more working days...I am still waiting for my apmt.

  11. Oh no! :( I would have broken down also!! How truly frustrating to have to deal with the little annoyances on top of all of this!! I'm glad you had someone to talk to in your moment of need. I'm praying for you a lot!!!!

  12. I would have been upset too ... especially with all the stress you're already under. I'm so glad your friend D was able to help. Its just so hard to think rationally with all the obstacles you're facing right now.
    I hope you feel better today! (((hugs)))

  13. i.hate.bloodwork. Sorry it was such a rough day!!