30 December 2009

Un peu de panique...

Or a little bit of panic....

I don't know if I ovulated.

Even before having all the crazy disease removed from my body I ovulated LIKE CLOCKWORK.

So this is what my chart looks like:

Dec 15 VL/B (very light, brown bleeding)
16 H (heavy flow)
17 H (heavy flow)
18 M/L (medium, light flow)
19 L (light flow)
20 VL x 3 (very light flow, 3 times)
21 VL x 1 (pink) OAD (very light, pink once, dry)
22 VL x 2 (pink) OAD (very light, pink, dry)
23 OAD 10 KL x 1 (dry all day, clear, stretchy CM, once)
24 OAD 6CL x 1 (dry, cloudy CM)
25 6 CL x 1 OAD (cloudy CM, dry)
26 6 CL x 1 OAD (cloudy CM, dry)
27 6 CL x 1 10 SL x 3 (cloudy CM, shiny with lubrication)
28 6 CL x 2 10 SL x 3 (cloudy CM, shiny with lubrication)
29 6 CL x 2 10 SL x 3 (cloudy CM, shiny with lubrication)

All the days of 6CL are freaking me out. I didn't see any 6CL last cycle and I had many more days of 10KL last cycle.

Am I freaking out for nothing? Is it too early to think that I didn't ovulate?

This Cross I Embrace, Finding Joy in Every Journey do you have any advice?

I need to stand on my head or something....


  1. I wish I even knew what language you are talking in! When I tried to have a baby by having sex I used to use these nifty ovulation predictor thing (smily face for when you are about to ovulate) otherwise I would be so so so lost.

  2. Don't panic, remember it takes awhile for your body to heal....It's going to be okay...

    I know that one blogpost I did my body looked like it tried to ovulation, whether it was strong or not, I don't know. But it resembled ovulation....It took me 8 months after surgery just to get my hormones under control.

    Sorry that you feel like you are in the middle of an ocean without a raft. But I do promise, it will all get better and you will see some pattern in the coming months.

    Don't panic, just try to think you are healed from a disease and it will take your body awhile to get back to what it never knew was regular. Breath Jellybelly, you got this! I promise!

  3. See I freaked out too: http://sewinfertile.blogspot.com/2008/12/creighton-charting-question.html

    TCIE-Saved the day!


  4. Could it be possible that you haven't ovulated yet? I mean, it looks like you are only on CD16 (today) and with all the stress of the holidays (hosting your in-laws) maybe your body is holding off a few days before you ovulate? Just a guess? I am not sure when you normally ovulate, but in my experience, I was around CD18 for a few months, and then it went back to 17, and now I am down to CD15 or CD16. (My LP is pretty much always 12...that is like clockwork). I know that stress has a big effect on when I ovulate. I hope things clear up soon and Merry Christmas! God Bless! - Marie

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  6. It is normal to take some time to get back on track, from what I understood, so no one much worried about my crazy cycles post surgery and all became well. FJ and TCIE can elaborate more, I am sure, but I would try not to worry; it is likely fine. As someone said, that could easily delay O further. Isn't that the annoying part? lol I remember being in Omaha and the stress of the surgery and pre surgery delayed O; problem was I was having an u/s series right after surgery. The longer we stayed in town waiting for me to O, the more I stressed, which made O it take longer. Oh the circular nature of it all! :)

  7. Not much to elaborate on, I agree with Sew and with Joy Beyond the Cross - - it appears as if this is a stress cycle (physical as well as emotional stress, recuperating from the surgery still and the holidays)... you probably did not ovulate yet. Just anticipate a late or a double peak.

  8. I hope your body normalizes soon and this cycle was just a stress cycle. Thanks for your comment on my post.

  9. I'm afraid all I have to offer is that my cycle has been extremely screwy since surgery (and delayed ovulation is not an explanation for me). I can thus second Sew's comment that cycles take a while to normalize post-surgery. Of course, just because that's common doesn't mean it's not a huge pain. :/ Oh, I do have some good news: the tamoxifen seems to have righted my cycle. So if you were on clomid or tamoxifen or something similar before, and you have another screwy cycle, you could ask to be put back on that again, and it might help. Best of luck!

  10. I wish I had some brilliant advice for you. Instead, I offer you a virtual hug and a virtual bar of the best chocolate!

    May 2010 bring you your heart's desire.