10 December 2009


It is absolutely the wrong time to be in a progesterone-induced fog. 

I'm tired. My boobs are achy. And I am the grumpiest woman in Canada.

I'm sure of it.

It also doesn't help that I just got off the phone with a clueless mother who told me that her child said that I didn't allow snowpants


What self-respecting, winter-appreciating teacher would say that her student couldn't wear snowpants?!??!

Honest to Pete, I'm about to kick someone.

I need a vacation. Or at least off of this progesterone.

I miss HCG. I never thought that I would miss the needles, but I do. 


  1. ha, that sneaky little kid was trying to get out of
    wearing snow pants!!! kinda funny.
    I have stopped playing with children too! people
    must think I am just a big grump at parties these days. I used to be the first one to get down and play games with the kiddies at social events, but now i just cant handle it. Sometimes though, it's better then being stuck talking to all the kiddies mothers about their children and just standing there like a freak. Lately I feel like there is NO place for me at family events...or maybe I'm just being the grinch.

    I just read your last posting as well, good luck with the plan, it sounds great and I will be praying for you as well as for your father and law

  2. Ugh... so sorry. How many more days until Christmas break??? :)

  3. That's funny about the kid and especially that the mom actually believed her. I'm sorry that progesterone is making you feel crappy. Why did you get switched from HCG to progesterone?

  4. Hope the fog clears soon.

    And what parent would really think that a kid couldn't wear snow pants? We do live in Canada. And it does get cold and there is even snow. I can't blame a kid for trying. It is the parent that makes me wonder!

  5. Hmm I'm from Louisiana, never heard of snow pants. are they uncomfortable?

  6. Barbie,

    It's more uncomfortable to NOT have snowpants during a Canadian winter!

    I couldn't even begin to imagine a life without winter-wear!


  7. HcG is my wonder drug. Did you see you are on Lollipop Goldstein's Friday Blog roundup? Way to go!!