2 December 2009


I apologize in advance for this post, but then again I think that the IF blogging community can forgive me.

I'm still rejoicing in the fact that I'm abscess free and that the ultrasound tech gave me proof of ovulation (without ovulation-inducing drugs, then again ovulation hasn't been a problem, it was my messed up anatomy that was the issue!). So ever since this past Saturday I've had an excess of CM. 

More than I've ever seen before.

And no, I'm not on any mucus enhancers (although I have some in the cupboard waiting for next month). 

So this is my question (FJIEF & TCIE as practitioners I'm sure you can help!): If I ovulated on day 14 (which was last Thursday) why am I still getting peak-type mucus? We did use CD1 and CD17 and I'm assuming that today is Peak +1 since all I've had since I got up was 10SL

Pre-surgery I NEVER had this much fertile CM! I did have lots of 10SL (slippery, shiny) days. I also finally got to use some green stickers! 

Help? Advice? Assvice

What is going on with my body????  


  1. I got no advice at all, but, glad that things are looking good :). The only time I got lots of CM was when I was cycling and on lots of drugs I would get tons of it - from the estrogen surge or something like that - no idea.. I am sure there is someone smarter out there that would know...

  2. I don't know. I never charted CM. But I would think it would mean your estrogen levels are good.

  3. Did she tell you had for sure ovulated or just that ovulation was impending? Can they tell you ovulated via u/s?

    I get a week's worth of fertile CM. It's like my body tries to ovulate and doesn't and then keeps trying until it does. Or, maybe it's just a long, slow build up for me. :)

    I confirm my ovulation with a change to creamy CM. It's like clockwork for me and the most reliable way for me to be sure I ovulated.

    With all that being said, everyone's different, too. I hope you get a nice, clear pattern for yourself over these next few months. (Or that you just get pregnant before you learn your pattern!) :)

  4. Who knows?! I would assume you might have to look at a pattern if it does it next month or not.

    Send some of that down here!!! :)

  5. Sometimes women ovulate in the middle of their mucus cycle and therefore can still have peak type mucus after an ovulation, most would not know exactly when they ovulate without an ultasounds/blood tests. Consider yourself lucky!! Hope this is your last cycle and your are PG!!!!

  6. YEAHHH for cervical mucus, I have really high hopes for you you in this new phase of your fertility!!! I don't know why your still seeing lots of mucus, but I did last month when I was taking herbs, it lasted a few days after ovulation :)

  7. I don't have any advice. I'm glad your CM is good and you had a good ovulation without drugs.

  8. I am one of those women who has lots of mucus (although this cycle, off of clomid, I had a regular amount.. go figure.. clomid has the opposite affect on me than it does on most people). My doctors have always told me that it doesn't indicate a problem. My doctor had a name for it, which I don't remember, and she said the only time it's a problem is if you're trying to avoid, since it's harder to tell when you are ovulating. But, then again, I don't necessarily trust my dr. so I'm going to ask Dr. S in January.