13 December 2009

Decking halls

So Mr. JB and I finally have our little house decorated. We got our tree (a Fraser Fir which I thought was from Ontario, but is really from North Carolina!) on Friday which was the coldest day of the year, thus far. It was -20C with the windchill and the tree felt cold until well into yesterday!

We went Christmas shopping with my crazy mother yesterday which in theory was a good idea, but in practice a very, very bad one. Mr. JB told me that she started complaining very early on in our trip that I was going into every store. Um, I don't know how else to shop for Christmas presents. I thought that was what people did! I am certain that I earned some indulgences in heaven after spending that much time with her while enduring crowds of crazed shoppers.

I'm still feeling the progesterone-induced fog, or is it lack of progesterone? I'm absolutely exhausted and I could barely drag myself out of bed yesterday despite having slept in to past 9pm! I took a nap before heading out to yoga this afternoon and it was painful to get out of bed! This next week is going to be pretty difficult since I'm running so low on energy and patience!

Tonight marks the last night of the progesterone! I can't wait until I'm back on HCG. It is the drug of choice it seems amongst us infertiles, eh? Regardless, I want my hormones back to normal, now!!!


My father-in-law is feeling very positive about his treatment. He went to see his specialist last week and they put gold on the spots in his prostate (at least that's what I recall Mr. JB telling me). Apparently the gold helps radiation target the disease. He also has to have a cataract removed on the 21st which happens to be his 40th wedding anniversary. Quite the milestone, it just makes me so sad that Mr. JB's mom passed such a long time ago.

Thank you for all of your prayers. I'm trying to think positively, but Mr. JB had a little breakdown today, which is totally out of character. I'm usually the one that cries around here!

p.s. Please pray for my teaching partner's grandmother. She passed away earlier today and she is absolutely devastated. Although I never met Nonna Theresa, I'm sure that she was a wonderful lady.


  1. I despise progesterone! :) I totally understand why you want to get back on HCG!

    Glad that your FIL is feeling hopeful about his treatments!

    Hope today is better for you!!

    I can't believe your tree came from NC!! Hahahah funny!

  2. Glad to hear that your FIL is feeling good about his treatment. I'm glad you're almost done with progesterone and will be back on HCG soon. Praying for you, FIL and teaching partner's grandmother.

  3. Progesterone makes me depressed. It is a horrible drug. Glad it will be done soon!

  4. We live in New England and our Xmas trees usually come from Canada if we don't cut our own. Yet you live in Canada and your tree is from NC? What a bizarre world we live in :)

  5. Ugh, progesterone sucks!!! My heart goes out to you; I know that fog, and it is tough to cut through.

    Glad to hear that your FIL sees some hope. And sorry to hear about your friend's loss.

    Enjoy the rest of Advent, the best season in the year, if you ask me. :) May its hopeful message bring you comfort and lead you into a wonderful new year.