5 July 2010

Waiting Room Blogging

So today is my first official day of vacation. Want to guess how I've spent it so far?

Mr JB and I were he first people at the ultrasound clinic and now I'm waiting in a HUGE queue for my blood work.

Oh the joys is IF!

It's CD17 and as of this morning I still have two follicles on the left and one on the right. The tech wants me to call my doctor's office to see what my hormones are doing but judging from what she saw, I have not ovulated yet.

Again, I am so glad that I ovulate late!

I was almost convinced that I o'ed yesterday since I was feeling some strange jabby pain on my lower right side, but I guess it was just something I ate!

So yesterday we were at my aunt's house celebrating my cousin's graduation from high school. It was a pretty normal party until my Mom's youngest brother showed up. To make a long story short, he's a loser. He's horribly in debt, does not parent his three boys (it was his son that knocked up his girlfriend) and he also cheats on his wife.

Yesterday's party was the first one this loser uncle has attended in a LONG time!

He ended up sitting beside Mr JB, much to his disappointment. My uncle was boasting about having a family "back home"' in Asia and he was acting like it was completely acceptable! And yes, his wife was in the house. It was almost too much for Mr JB when he leaned over to him and said, "If I were you I'd move another woman in since your wife can't have children."

Yes, this is my uncle, my mother's youngest brother.

Mr JB got up fringe table and said that we had to go, which is something he never does. I didn't know until our ride home what happened.

My uncle is not liked, not even by his own kids. My mother can barely look at him. I know that if my dad heard what he said he would've gotten his lights punched out. Mr JB doesn't think I should say anything to my mom, but I think I should.

What would you do if you were me?

Gotta love family drama. I'm not even going to get into the conversation I had with our Arizona relatives last night!


  1. It sounds like your uncle is lucky that Mr. JB didn't punch him in the face. I can't believe that he said that Mr. JB should basically get a mistress since you're IF. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with that craziness. Now I'm curious what happened with the Arizona relatives.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is a shocking comment! Ah family...we all have them! Praying for your follies to work their magic!!!

  3. Oh. My. Word.

    From FAMILY??? I can't even believe it. Was he drunk??

    Hon, honestly I don't know if I would tell your mom. From how you speak about her she is a very calm lady and won't become emotionally upset by hearing this. Which, in turn, may end up making you feel worse as a woman so passionate about things. Maybe just tell your Dad and he can either tell her or not.

    Honest to Pete. I never.

    I had to come on your blog asap this morning to tell you I had a dream about your blog. On it, you posted a giant picture of your bathroom, and said, "Scroll through the whole picture" (or something along those lines) and there on the bathroom counter was a DARK dark SECOND LINE on an HPT!!!
    I don't get the pregnancy announcement or pregnancy dreams often if at all. So I figured this may mean something.

    Now, let's hurry up and ovulate, shall we? So you can get preggo on vacation and then people will say to you, "See, all you had to do was relax and go on vacation..." Hahahahahaha!

  4. totally tell your mother! I know that if a comment like that was made my husband would have punched him (he's a little Napoleon!).

    My mother's family has it's share of loosers like your uncle and we (my sister/dad/I) slowly eliminated them from our lives, they are not invited to social gatherings and if they are going to attend, we don't. LIfe's short, why spend it with aholes?

    So now that you're on vacay maybe we can have a little summer ice tea? IN the evening?

  5. TCIE, you're right. My mom is already fed up with her youngest brother's antics that she probably won't react in the way that I want her to. Telling my dad would be a different story. Honestly, I would fear for his life! But if I told my dad he would tell my mom, that's how it works at their house.

    And don't worry, we're trying REALLY REALLY hard. I've all these follies to work with so I don't want to waste them! I really want to make your dreams come true! ;)

  6. And he was sober, he is not often sober at functions, but he was yesterday. Like I said, he is MESSED UP!

  7. yeah he's messed up. I agree with TCIE, I would tell your dad if anyone. Why get more upset by your mothers reaction or lack thereof?

    i also love her dream and orders for you to get busy, I second them.

  8. Yikes...that is horrible! And from family. Ugh!

    Your follies sound like they are nice and ready any day now! Good luck. Oh, how I hope TCIE's dream is correct!! Can't wait to hear (read)! :)

  9. Oh my! He should have gotten punched for that!

  10. Wow! I'd be livid! That was a pretty rude thing to say and so very insensitive...however after you described your uncle...it's not suprising. I told my dh and he said that he would walk away and go home too. Your dh made the better choice...kudos to him!

  11. Oh...BTW: Thank you for your comment on my latest post...as a teacher yourself...I know you understand my predicament. :)

  12. Oh my goodness!! What a horrible comment!! He deserves to be punched... And I mean that in the nicest christian way.

    And yay for updating from the waiting room!! Go phone go! :)

  13. What a sicko! Seriously, is he mentally ill???? Wow. I have nothing kind to say, so I better shut up.

    Loving TCIE's dream! Come on follies!!

  14. I don't know if there's anything wrong with him mentally (at least according to a doctor!) but he's been an alcoholic for years. He is unlike all of his brothers and my grandparents were married for over 40 years when my grandfather passed. It is a miracle that my aunt has stayed with him for over 20 years. I don't get it.

  15. What is WRONG with some people?!?!? Ugh that just makes me sick.

    Go follies go! I feel like TCIE's dream is onto something here...

  16. Dude, that guy is a piece of crap. Tragic that he's family. Of course, he's not suggesting Mr. JB do anything HE wouldn't have done...

    He falls with my father and stepmother in the category of "people who would REALLY have been blessed by infertility."

  17. I am SO sorry you had to endure this comment. I cannot even fathom someone EVER even THINKING such a horribly hurtful thought!

    On a more positive note, I am really liking TCIE's dream ... let's go get our homework done:)!!!

  18. WTH???? Who invited Uncle Insensitive? Oh my gosh, your husband sure has some restraint. I doubt I would have had any:)

    The only good thing that can come from telling your Mom is that he is NOT invited back:)