1 July 2010

Happy Birthday Canada!

So I survived the last day of school.

I started to cry at about 11am when I started reading a poem one of the moms sent me (I'll post a copy of it when I have more time). I got halfway through the poem and the waterworks started. The class was busily colouring Canadian flags in preparation for the assembly we were going to have and they all rushed to my desk to see what was the matter. It was the first time they saw me full on cry (I've welled up a couple of times, but the tears didn't really fall). I had to compose myself quickly while telling them that they were happy tears.

One of the traditions started by my principal is that a Scottish piper pipes out the grade eight graduates as well as any teachers that are retiring (my school is named after a saint from Scotland, can you guess who??). A lot of the kids were crying as they went down our hallway and I lost it again! By the time the dismissal bell rang I was already ugly crying!

I know that my sadness came from a couple of places. I was feeling sad because it was yet again another school year that passed without a child of my own and because my class was so amazing. Don't get me wrong, I did have some challenging students and parents, but it was nothing like last year!

So this afternoon we're going to Mr. JB's best friend's place for his Canada Day/Birthday celebration. Not only will it be baby-filled, but the cousin who knocked up his fiancee may be in attendance. It doesn't help that I have quite the head cold and I feel like a truck has run me over. I'm going to need a load of prayers to get me through this afternoon. I was tempted to tell Mr. JB that I couldn't handle the party, but I'm too sad to stay home by myself.

I'm certain that there will be an angst-filled post after this party, stay tuned!


  1. Happy Canada Day! I have some coworkers up near you (in the same town actually) crazy, huh! And I try to wish them Happy Canada Day if I get a chance. I think it is cool that are "birthday's" are so close together! Hope you have a great weekend! God Bless!

  2. I'm a teacher too, but this year I couldn't get rid of my class fast enough! Hope you're able to have some fun at the party. Take care!

  3. Happy Canada Day. Thinking of you during the party - sounds like a rough crowd.

  4. Happy Canada Day! The bagpiper sounds really cool; my high school had one for a while. Good luck at the party; I hope it's not too rough.

  5. Happy Canada Day. I'm sorry you will miss your class so much. You (general) do get very attached to your students.
    Hope the party will go well.

  6. Happy Canada Day! I hope the party went okay...

  7. Once again, your class sounds like the sweetest group of wee ones! Hope you survived the party...