2 July 2010

Two!!!!!!! (with one on the other side) -- *Updated, there you go TCIE & Ann!!!!


Yes, I've succombed to peer pressure! I've added the exclamation points since this is great news!!!!

And I'm on a triple dose of F.emara to makes these follies grow. It's my second last cycle with such a high dose, so hopefully we won't have to move on to whatever comes next... (Are you happy now, TCIE???)


I have two follicles on my left ovary and one on the right.

I knew that I was ovulating, but I know that my Napro doctor is just trying to cover all of her basis. The ultrasound tech was super nice and from our conversation she has dealt with a lot of IF patients.

I continue the ultrasounds on Monday since the lab is closed for the holiday weekend. It's Day 14 day so I'm almost certain that those little follies will have ruptured by Monday -- I guess being a late ovulator is helpful with scheduling!

Mr. JB and I are headed back to my classroom to finish up the packing, then my summer vacation can officially start!

Btw, the party wasn't so bad. The cousin and his pg fiancee didn't make it to the party and I spent most of the day outside away from all of the babies. I have a pretty bad cold and my excuse was that I didn't want to get anyone sick. How convenient of my body, eh?


  1. If you are going to have a cold, at least it got you out of hanging out near the babies. I'm glad the party wasn't too bad.

    I'm glad your u/s looked good and I hope you'll have ovulated by Monday.

  2. Um, your title should be THREE, not two!!

    Three follies, girl, what are you taking??!! Femara? Clomid?
    This is excellent! I think you more than deserve multiples :)

  3. OMGosh! I'd be super excited with those follies. Add some little exclamation points to that news!!!

    I've got to catch up about the party - I missed that post, but I'm glad it went well.

  4. come on! WOOHOO!

    Stage 4 endo girls CAN get pregnant, don't worry!

  5. Yah!!! Praying that there is a suprise in your future :)

  6. Great news!!!!!!!!!' Come on follies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used extra exclamation points just for your readers. ;)

  7. Congrats on the follies :). Glad you didn't get stuck with the cousin's pregnant fiance and avoided all the babies!
    Wishing your follies lots of luck to release a nice couple eggs.

  8. That's awesome! Here's to multiples.

  9. Great news! Glad that you did have a good time at the party. :)

  10. I am glad the follies are doing well!!!!!!!!!!