18 July 2010

Home Sweet Home

We had such a great weekend. Mr. JB really outdid himself!

I don't like surprises. Ever. I told him that if he were to propose to me in public that I would say no. I'm one of those people that are experts in the ugly cry and the last thing I wanted to do was ugly cry in front of total strangers!

But I digress.

I have to admit that I was pretty grumpy on our way to my anniversary surprise. In retrospect I know that I hadn't eaten enough and I should've taken a nap in the car. I was pretty surprised when Mr. JB pulled up in front of the bed and breakfast (we were in the Pl.antation Suite)! We were only about an hour from home and it was like I was in another universe! The little town was so cute and just up the street from the b & b was the most beautiful church (where we went to 5pm mass, the priest was also super cool when I told him about my gluten allergy, he gave me a tiny piece of the host and all was good). If you're so inclined read the history about the town which was founded by a group of Catholic Alsatian families. It was totally a coincidence, but a happy one nonetheless.

Mr. JB made reservations at an amazing steak and seafood place nearby. They were so good about my food allergies/sensitivities and I was able to eat dinner without any issues. It was so delicious! The only glitch was that Mr. JB forgot that he had eaten fish (he ordered the salmon special) when he gave me a kiss and my lips got all tingly. It was the first time in almost seven years together that he forgot to brush his teeth after eating fish and I'm glad that I didn't have a more serious reaction! That would've put a damper on our getaway!

The second best thing about the b & b was the beautiful claw foot soaker tub. After dinner I took a nice long bubble bath. I could've moved right in! The best thing about the b & b was my breakfast! The owner made me the most delicious gluten-free breakfast cake that I had seconds! I wasn't even jealous of the yummy french toast that Mr. JB got!

After breakfast we explored St. Ja.cobs, a touristy area that wasn't too far away. We hadn't visited since we were dating and we walked around all of the little shops and had some lunch. We cut our visit short when I saw a student that I taught a couple of years ago. I really didn't feel like stopping and chatting so we went back to our car and headed towards home.

I did feel a bit guilty about missing the scandalous bridal shower, but I'm so glad that we went away. I've been so mentally and physically exhausted from my summer job that it was nice to have a mini vacation. I cannot wait to get the results of my adrenal test. I've been ridiculously tired (I even took a nap after breakfast and one before dinner last night!). Before my surgeries I had so much energy. I could teach all day, exercise, do stuff around my house and get 7 hours of sleep and I would be fine. Now I can barely drag myself off of the couch! I'm so scared that I'm going to go back to work in September and I won't be able to function!

Btw, tomorrow is Peak +14. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

And no, I will not POAS. EVERY time I do that AF shows up, and we don't want that to happen!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip!! Glad you had a good time--you deserve a break!! :-)

    P+14--I'll be saying prayers for you JB!!

  2. What an amazing weekend! Mr. JB did really well! BTW - he has till October to train my hubby! ;)

    I really, really hope there another surprise in store soon. Really soon.

  3. Wow, that sounds like a great trip! I hope it's the start of a great week for you! praying!

  4. Oh my gosh, way to go Mr. JB!! Sounds like such a wonderful time! :) :) You are blessed.

    May the blessings continue...

    (my word verification is "mated" ha ha!)

  5. What an awesome trip!! Major props to your husband for planning it!! Congrats again on your anniversary! :)

    I'm saying extra prayers for some more good posts! ;)

  6. Wow, what a great husband you've got there! So glad it was such a fun, relaxing time. Praying for you as always!!

  7. suprise mini getaway and in a B& B always fantastic! hmmmm, our wedding anniversary is coming up that might be something we will look into as well! i always love staying in B&B's!

  8. What an awesome surprise Mr. JB pulled off. It sounds like a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad you had a great time.

  9. Good job Mr JB! What a beautiful bed & breakfast!

    You know, I was thinking about the whole gluten-exposure through Hubby thing the other day. I had a reaction to something the other night, and there was no way there was cross-contamination, and now I'm wondering if it was because I hadn't thought of asking Hubby to brush his teeth before we lock lips.
    Glad you didn't have a serious reaction though, that would have been a bummer!

  10. What an awesome suprise!! I am one who loves suprises and it is so hard for my husband to suprise me!

    What a great treat and mini-vacation, you both probablye needed that time!!

    Praying for you!!!

  11. I was living vicariously reading this-it sounds amazing! I didn't realize about the allergies/sensitivies, it must have been so nice to not have to worry about them all weekend and really enjoy!