6 July 2010

Step Away From Dr. Google -- Prayers Please!!!!

The drama continues.

So I had my ultrasound this morning and my follies have not ruptured, yet. The one on the right side is still the same size it was yesterday (1.4, I'm assuming millimeters), but the ones on the left are 2.4 and 2.5 which is up from Friday (they were 1.3 and 1.4, for some reason I didn't ask yesterday!).

My biggest worry is that the fertile CM disappeared yesterday afternoon. I had some 10KL (clear & stretchy) in the morning, but it could've been the ultrasound gel! For the rest of the day it was 10SL (shiny and lubricative). I haven't had any fertile CM today so I'm confused since my follies are still there.

I've tried to call my Napro practitioner since my doctor is out of town (and won't give hormone results over the phone, the receptionist is not very friendly and the outgoing message is, "We will NOT give results over the phone!"). I called my practitioner and hopefully she can get the numbers for me, but who knows.

I hope I don't have cysts or anything else wrong with me. The one thing that my body did right was ovulate, but that was pre-surgery. I was hoping that getting all of those nasty adhesions, particularly the ones that were obscuring my right fallopian tube/ovary, were removed last August.

I'm particularly frustrated since we were supposed to head to my fertile bf's cottage Thursday morning. If these follies haven't ruptured by then we're not going to be able to leave! I know that there are worse things that can happen, but we were both looking forward to getting out of our hot, humid suburb! Mr. JB was really great though. As soon as I started to complain about my body not cooperating he said, "Well it's more important to get these things figured out. We have to trust that this is what we're supposed to do."

Have I mentioned lately how awesome my husband is?????

So I'm going to be patient and trust that this is all going to work out. All the way to the ultrasound clinic I kept repeating, "Jesus I trust in you, Jesus I trust in you." Over and over again in my head.

So prayer buddy, can you step up the prayers that I ovulate today? I don't know if I'm going outside of the protocol, but I'm getting desperate here!


  1. maybe I'm crazy but they can't give you a trigger shot to make you ovulate if your follies are good to go?

    I pray it all works out so you can go and have fun!

  2. Really hope that the next scan shows some o action. 2.4 and 2.5 are pretty big so I would think that you would o soon?!

  3. I am guessing that is cm, not mm. They look for follicles to be mature beginning at 1.8 cm or 18 mm, so I'm guessing there will be firecrackers going off in your ovaries any moment now!!!!

    If you go back, you may want to ask them to (1) do blookwork to check your e2 level. e2 should be around 200 per mature follicle (although that might be different depending on the meds you are on). If you got a good e2 level, then I bet those are great follies and not cysts (and this is coming from the queen of cycsts); (2) ask for a trigger shot to make you ovulate. They are a great size.

    Good luck, JB!!!!!!!

  4. I was wondering the same thing...can't they give you a trigger?

    Although waiting to see if you ovulate on your own might be nice too.

    Either way hopefully it'll happen soon so you can get out of town!

  5. Yes, come on prayer buddy, step it up for JB and her follies!! I can't add any medical advice, but I can definitely pray!!

  6. My doc is out of town so no trigger shot for me! I really want to o on my own, I'm sick of all the drugs!!!

  7. I've had follicles that big on u/s before and they didn't become a problem. I ended up ovulating actually. Maybe you just have nice big follies!! But I agree about the trigger shot. You seem like a great candidate for one!

    By the way, I just prayed for you at adoration before I even saw this!

  8. Understandable and I bet you will ovulate on your own very soon!

  9. So frustrating! Hang in there. Mr JB is right though, gotta get it all figured out!

  10. All I can offer you are my continued prayers. :)
    So glad you have such a supportive husband.

  11. Almost 100% sure those are centimeters, also. 2.4 and 2.5 are HUGE! And so many! Maybe you have LUFS - which would be lousy, but, actually, if you're discovering it now, maybe it's that magical missing link. But, if they verified that you were ovulating before, that seems unlikely. Did they do an ultrasound series and see your follicles actually rupture before surgery?

  12. Wishing you all the best and good luck!

  13. Ok, here is my uneducated philosophy on cm :)

    I think that people (me) have great fertile cm and then it goes away at ovulation - this is why you use the +3 count! I think for us conception happened during those +3 days. Does that make sense? I think my doctor agreed with this philosophy!! That is why the nurses at PPVI kept fussing that we needed to use ALL days of fertility (especially these +3 days)!

    I think you are right on the verge of O'ing and I can't wait to hear that they have ruptured!!! Prayer surround you!

  14. Can you talk to your doctor about a trigger shot next cycle? Sometimes, if a follicle gets too big, the egg can be old and not great.

    Have you ever used a trigger shot?

  15. Misfit: I had a hormone and ultrasound series done in April 2008 and there was proof of ovulation. So I'm going to go with that! When I was growing that crazy pelvic abscess I was being followed pretty closely with ultrasounds and there was proof of a ruptured follicle (that was in November 2009).

    My Reality: I had a trigger shot, once when I was still at the evil fertility clinic. I don't see my Napro doc until September and with scheduling and our vacation I can't work out seeing her before then. I'll have to ask in September for a trigger shot!

  16. What an awesome husband! :)
    Praying that you ovulate!

  17. I'm just now reading this and I'm hoping and praying that you have already ovulated and are resting easy now!

    I'm so sorry that this is happening! How unbelievably frustrating that doctor's office can't/won't release your info...this is something that has frustrated me in the past so I feel your pain on that one.

    Amyhoo...I'm sending many prayers your way!!

  18. Your hubby IS awesome :). Hoping you ovulate soon (or have already)!