14 May 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

This afternoon during my Religion lesson I read from a book of saints. My class, bless their hearts, have turned into quite the little Catholics. They LOVE praying the rosary (and they make up most of my rosary club) and last week we made paper Mary statues and when they were done most of them knelt in front of their statue to pray!!! I wanted my principal to walk in to see them, but he didn't!

I read St. Ann's story to the kiddies and one of the little boys said, "She's just like you Madame! She's praying for a baby too!"

It's been a frequent question in the past couple of weeks. A couple of kids have asked me if I had babies and one day I said, "Yes, I have 21!" It took them a little while to understand what I meant and I had to point to the line my class was making in order to get them to understand. When the same little boy asked me again I said, "I have to pray to God to send me baby because he hasn't yet."

Now after the HCG debacle this morning I was feeling particularly fragile. This little kid, in his innocent wisdom reminded me about the power of prayer. St. Ann prayed and God sent her Virgin Mary! Now I don't think that I'm going to give birth to the second coming, but who knows what my kid is going to be capable of!!!

This little boy reminded me why I love teaching grade one and he also reminded me that even though things seem pretty dire in the fertility department, there's hope somewhere.


Mr. JB felt so bad that he brought me a beautiful bouquet of daisies as well as two tasty gluten-free desserts. I didn't really expect it, but it definitely brightened my afternoon! It was quite the learning experience that I really hope never to repeat!!!


  1. aw how sweet!

    what did you end up doing about the hcg? and yay for sweet Mr JB!

  2. Aww.. what a good guy. And what a sweet little boy too!

  3. Oh, how brave of you to tell the kids (in some part) about your struggle. Last year I asked my 4th grade CCD kids to pray for me over the summer, for a "special intention" but couldn't go any further than that.

    Now that your kids know you are praying for a baby, I bet they will pray, too. And children's prayers go STRAIGHT to the Sacred Heart, I am convinced.

  4. That little boy sounds so adorable. I'm sorry about the hcg incident - how frustrating.

    Your hubbie is so sweet!

    Sending hugs.

  5. What a sweet reminder from that little boy! Very sweet of Mr. JB to bring you treats too! When will you get your P+7 results?

  6. He sounds precious! Good luck with the prep, too..