9 May 2010

Coping Mechanisms

In order to survive yet another Mother's day, I came up with some so-so creative ways to cope with the looming sadness.

So here's my list:

1) Mr. JB and I ushered at our mass. I didn't have to worry too much about the Mother's blessing since I was standing at the back handing out bulletins to the people who were leaving early (What is up with that???).

2) We bought some new floor mats for the new car. I also got some wipes so I can compulsively clean the black interior that shows every speck of dust! Mr. JB thinks that I'm nuts, but I'm not getting a new vehicle until this one is paid off (which means FIVE MORE YEARS), so it's going to be spotless.

3) I got a S.tarbucks treat. I usually only go once a week since I don't want to go bankrupt. It was tasty. If I ever win the lottery I would have a 'bucks built in my house so I could have one whenever I want.

4) I took a two hour nap after watching last night's S.NL with Betty White (it was on the PVR, I can never stay up to see it all live!). It was hilarious, btw! It surprises me that I can sleep so long after getting a full night's sleep -- yes, I'm going to have my thyroid checked.

5) I went to TWO yoga classes. It was awesome and Mother's Day was barely mentioned.

6) I practiced driving standard in Mr. JB's new car. After we ate dinner at my parents' house my dad and I went around the neighbourhood. He's not the most patient teacher, but I didn't do too badly and I actually drove around their subdivision. I did stall the car a couple of times, but I made it to fourth gear once! I told Mr. JB that I'm going to take the car for a spin by myself next weekend. We'll see how that goes.

7) I'm eating really tasty almond brittle. It's almost as good as chocolate and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Mr. JB promised, yet again, that I will be a mother by next Mother's Day. I wish that I could believe him with my whole heart. It was also a tough day for him as well. Mr. JB lost his mother 20 years ago and although he said that he didn't miss her more, it still hurts.

I'm so glad that when I wake up tomorrow that it won't be today any more.

p.s. I'm so glad that "big fat donkey balls" was so amusing to so many. For some strange reason I think of donkey's gonads when I'm really upset. I know, I'm strange.


  1. oooooh, a 'bucks in your house. I like the way you think.

  2. Haha I don't think you're weird. I would use it too--being in the hospital sucks big donkey balls!! :-)

  3. I am with your husband, I am believing for you all that you will be a mother in time for Mother's Day 2011!

    Big hugs to you!!!!

  4. I say big fat donkey balls, too!!

    I like your coping mechanisms, I wish I had had them today at my Mass, when I unexpectedly burst into a stream of silent tears after the Mother's Day blessing when we started singing "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee." It was probably the most ironic image ever. I had to run out the front of the church so no one would see me and think to themselves, "Oh, that poor barren woman."

    It was excruciatingly embarassing. I usually have much better restraint.

    Today really did suck giant donkey balls, though.

  5. I smiled as I read about learning to drive a standard. My best friend took me out in her truck when I lived in SW Wisconsin, about 14 years ago. It seems that I can shift fine when the vehicle is already in motion. Stop signs? Well... I either kill it or squeal out. : )

    So here I am, a student of criminal justice, working for the Campus PD, friends with the City officers... and squealing around a residential area of the City. After a little while, we figured we'd called enough attention to ourselves and took a roundabout way home to our apartments.

    Ahhh... Those were the days...

  6. So, if you get a Starbucks in your backyard can I move in?? Haha.
    How bout we will all be mothers next mothers day! :)


  7. Re the stick shift just remember my mantra...

    If ya can't find 'em, grind 'em.

  8. Sounds like a fun day, in spite of what it was. I worked our information desk at church yesterday and we had lots of families sneaking out for Mother's Day lunches.

    Oh, and I just thought about the fact that you have the same MD in Canada that we do. I wonder if our two countries aligned some of the holidays. I used to have a roommate from England who had such a hard time getting an MD card, cause in England it is at a totally different time.

  9. my first care is a standard they are so fun once you get the hang of it!

  10. Good for you to make the most of a day that does suck big donkey balls for some of us lol!

  11. I don't talk about donkey balls, but my husband does. I'm glad you found some coping mechanisms.