20 February 2010

Faking It

So we're going out for dinner with Mr. JB's cousins and their wives. I've blogged about one of Mr. JB's cousins -- remember the one that fed me burnt hot dogs but didn't have the audacity to apologize for not being able to feed me? Anyhow, I have been stressing out all day about this dinner. I've been snippy all day and I've been thinking of ways of getting out of it.

But I can't.

It also doesn't help that Mr. JB's other cousin's wife is seven months pregnant. Yes, the cousin and his wife that just do not get along. And yes, they were married a year after us and this is their second baby.


I know that I will get all dressed up and I will be able to fake it through dinner. I just find it so absolutely draining to pretend that I like this woman. It also doesn't help that she is not exactly the most sensitive about our IF.

I'm trying to focus on good things. I went to the hair dresser today and he only charged me for a blow dry because he didn't trim a lot of hair! How great is that??? I saved HALF the cost of getting my hair done (which I'm growing back out, the short hair thing isn't me at all). Also Mr. JB is on a new health kick because at his yearly physical the doctor found that his cholesterol is way high. We bought so much healthy food at the grocery store that he is actually going to eat! I'm so glad that he is finally going to listen to the doctor and start living a healthier lifestyle. We eat well at home but as soon as he's at school his bad habits rear their ugly head.

I need to take a nap before we go out tonight. I need all the energy that I can muster!


This was my 300th post! I missed my bloggoversary in January (Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!). I'm thinking that some sort of blog retrospective is in order....


  1. Happy Blogoversary, and 300th post!
    That's too funny you don't consider yourself a short hair girl- your cute little bob cut seemed (to me) to fit you so well when I met you! :) But then again, that's all I know.

    GL at the dinner... blech.

  2. I hope that dinner wasn't too painful. Happy 300th(!) post.

  3. I hope your dinner was okay and not too miserable. I was at dinner with three ladies tonight and one was 8 mo pregnant. It was so suprising that I was not bothered. Isn't strange that when the person is kind, genuine, and humble we can handle it so much better. It's all in the heart, I suppose.
    I hope that nap helped! Happy 300th post :)

  4. Hoping dinner went well

  5. aw that stinks! Hope it went ok!

  6. Hope it went ok!