8 February 2010

To Antibiotic, or To Not Antibiotic -- HELP!!! *Updated

So last week I had to go for my yearly pap and urine sample at my GP's office. I was feeling fine and I wasn't really concerned. I'm so used to being poked at "down there" after four and a half years of IF. I got a call on Friday that I had to call the doctor's office because the doctor wanted to see me.


I wasn't too concerned, but I suspected that I had a UTI because my lower back was sore (but I don't have any other symptoms, no burning when I pee, no cloudy urine, nothing!). I mentioned my lower back pain to my doctor but she brushed it off (it's usually a symptom for me, but she doesn't always take me seriously, she has been my doctor since I was 18 and she totally dropped the ball with the endo).

So she gave me a prescription for a five-day course of antibiotics (she prescribed me Z.ithromax) and I don't know if I want to take them. I called my naturopath and I can't see her until Friday afternoon so that would mean that I've had this infection brewing inside me for two weeks. Mr. JB thinks that I should take them and if it wasn't for the length of time before my appointment on Friday, I would wait.

I don't want to risk the infection moving to my kidneys because that would be a bigger mess.

Btw, I'm Peak +9 today, Friday will be Peak +13. I have no idea what our chances are at being pg this cycle, but I don't know if I want to risk taking this medication if I am.

What to do? Help!

Update: I took the meds. I read the info on the antibiotics and it's safe during pg (I'm definitely putting my cart before the horse!!). Since my kidney pain has only increased in the past couple of days I'm sure that the infection is just getting worse. Hopefully my naturopath can give me something good to counteract the effects of the meds on my body!


  1. i'm not a doctor but i'd take the antibiotics, i just don't think they could do any harm if you were pregnant. it seems like it would be way too early in your pregnancy for it to present a problem. and your right, if it goes to your kidneys then you have big problems. and your symptoms can start worsening any time now, by tomorrow you it could hurt to pee

  2. I agree. All last year while we were TTC I had UTIs over and over. Your doctor knows that you're trying to get pregnant/could be pregnant and should only have prescribed antibiotics that are safe.
    However, I totally understand NOT wanting to take any drugs, so you could try a boatload of cranberry juice and cranberry pills. I think I will be taking a cranberry pill every day for the rest of my life :)

  3. I know that Dr. Toth and Dr. Hilgers both proscribe Zithromax during pregnancy...not sure if it makes a difference during conception or not. I conceived while on Flagyl for BV (on it peak + 2-7) so if there is any inflammation in the uterus, it might help!

  4. take it! take it! You don't need to be all infected - and if it goes to your kidneys that would be serious stuff..

  5. Just read the update. I'm glad you took it. Win-win situation. I hope you feel better!

  6. I took zithromax the cycle I got pg...:)

  7. I hope you feel better soon! You might want to take a probiotic with them, that helps me stay balanced with the good bacteria if that worries you.
    Also, I think UTIs (which I get bad and frequently) aren't good to have while pregnant so abx are better than UTIs I think. Gload you too them-feel betteR!.

  8. Yes I agree with the rest, the antibiotics should help you more than hurt you. I am glad to read you went ahead and took them!!

  9. You did the right thing: your research. Hope the UTI clears up soon!

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