9 February 2010

Swallowing My Stubbornness

Okay girls, I'm glad that I took the antibiotics this morning. 

Not to be too graphic but when I went to the bathroom first thing this morning I felt pain -- a pain that I've felt for the past couple of weeks. Hmmm, can we all say UTI???? 

What is wrong with me? Pain during urination is a tell-tale sign! 

I'm a silly, prideful girl.

Thanks for setting me straight last night. 


  1. So glad you are medicated and fighting this thing! Yay!

  2. I'm surprised you were able to swallow your stubbornness and not choke to death. That is what would happen to me anyway...

  3. Glad you feel better. Sometimes the only thing that makes those horrible infections go away is antibiotics!

  4. I'm glad to hear that your UTI is getting taken care of; sorry you have to deal with it at all.

  5. UTI's are the worst! Hopefully the Zithro will clear it up quickly.