4 February 2010


Literally and figuratively.

After the week that we've had, I'm too exhausted to to write a full post. I apologize in advance.

1) Today was a strange day at school. For the second day in a row my usually well-behaved class was koo-koo bananas. I threatened to give away all of the toys (that they only get to play with on Fridays for 15 minutes if they're really good) to a "better behaved" class in the school.

2) A kid in my class threw up and then was so embarrassed that she cleaned it all up herself. I saw her cleaning up and I asked her what happened and she said, "I was watching JP eating his snack and then I vomited in my mouth."

Needless to say my class smelled of barf the entire day, even after spraying the heck out of it with L.ysol (yes, I'm a germophobe, I use it on their stinky indoor shoes when they go home!).

3) We went to our neighbour's visitation last night. We made it to the front of of the room, Mr. JB kneeled down to say his prayers and I froze. I've been to many, many funeral home visitations, but for some reason this one was particularly difficult. Perhaps it was because we were in the same home that my grandmother's visitation was held, but that was ten years ago (and she was old and very, very sick, her death was truly a blessing).

The funeral is tomorrow. Please remember our neighbours in your prayers. Mr. JB and I were lucky enough to organize coverage for our classes so we can both attend the mass.

4) I had the funniest moment with a kid in the other grade one Immersion class. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the kids can order a hot lunch. One of today's options was chicken fingers and rice. So while I was doing lunchtime supervision I asked one of the little boys if he was enjoying his lunch and he looked at me and his smile went from ear to ear. I have never seen a kid that was so happy to eat lunch!

5) I watched my B.lue D.evils beat G.eorgia T.ech on our fancy new TV. Now I'm watching the O.ffice in HD. I think that I'm in love with our new television (Shhh! Don't tell Mr. JB!).

6) I had Turkish Delight for the first time tonight. The kid that threw up in my class today gave it to me as a birthday present. I had no idea it was so tasty!

7) My last two HCG injections were SUPER painful. I had to try four times on Tuesday night and three times tonight. It has never been this painful before. I'm injecting in my belly as I always have. I haven't changed my injection technique. What gives???

8) I'm exhausted. I need to go to bed. Now.


  1. Sounds like lots going on...

    I really hope you have a relaxing weekend planned.

    As for the HcG injections, would your DH be willing to give them to you IM in the rear? After the first one, I didn't really have any pain associated with them.

  2. you are rocking and rolling over there lady! I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor.....

    Get those injections out of your abdomen. :) Do them in your thigh or like E said in your rear! :) They KILL my abdomen too....

  3. Hope you got some rest. So sorry for your loss and grief; it's been way too much for the JB household lately!

  4. Hope the funeral goes ok today.

    Is it possible your needles aren't sharp? When you draw meds out of the vial, it dulls the tip and it hurts more. I have a bunch of needles and syringes, so if you need any so you can draw with one needle and inject with another, let me know.

  5. I'm getting tired just reading about your week! I hope you get some rest this weekend!

  6. I don't know about the injections - I always find it different each time I did injections, one hurts, the next doesn't one stings then I dont feel it - it's been a few months and when I was doing the shots I always got DH to do the injections, because it was fun to include him in the process.

    Funerals are so hard, hugs friend.

  7. Praying for you and hoping you are feeling ok.

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