26 November 2009

Testing *Updated with GOOD news!

No, not POAS!

I have another ultrasound this afternoon. I have no idea if the abscess is smaller or not. I believe that it is, but who knows.

I see my surgeon after the u/s with the results (that I peeked at the last time!).

I'm thinking positively. I'm imagining that the abscess is smaller. I'm imagining that I will be able to stop the antibiotics.

I'll update this evening.

Let's hope and pray that I will have good news to share.

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends!!!!!


I'm still shaking from the news.

I'm abscess free.

Praise God, Mary, Jesus and all of the saints and angels in heaven!!!!

I started to freak out when the technician was doing my scan because she said that she found cysts.

I had cysts before my laparotomy. They were removed with all of the other endo, fibroids and adhesions.

I spent a good 20 minutes freaking out. Silently, but freaking out nevertheless.

The ultrasound place is just a few doors up from my surgeon so as soon as I got the report from the technician I booted it up the street.

I was close to tears but I was trying to hold it in because I didn't think that the people of T.oronto needed to see me crying.

So I got to the office and I was the third or fourth patient in line and Dr. I waved me in. I was confused since I was so obviously queue jumping but he said, "You're my last patient, come in. Give me your health card and I'll get your chart."

By this point my head was spinning. He couldn't find my chart (not a surprise since his office is a organizational disaster!) but he said that it was okay and opened up the report I had.

He asked me when my period had started and how I was feeling. I told him November 13th and that I was feeling good but I was concerned about the abscess and that the tech had mentioned cysts.

He read over the report again and said, "The hemorrhagic cyst just shows that you just ovulated. You're on day 14, right?" I checked my chart and 'lo and behold I am!

Then he said, "The abscess is gone. Look here," and he pointed to the report, "the technician didn't see it."

I almost started to cry a second time, but this time tears of relief.

Then Dr. I said, "Promise me now that you're going to try really hard." Meaning, TTC I'm assuming.

And then I asked him when I would see him next and he said three months if we weren't pregnant yet.

I almost ran back to my car which was quite a feat since I was on the seventh floor of a parking garage. I got Mr. JB on the phone and just started to bawl. I tried to call my fertile best friend but she was no where to be found, I tried calling Sew but she wasn't available and so I called My Reality 'cos I remembered that she was home. (Thanks Reality! I'm so glad that you were around!!! I really needed a live human that understands what I'm going through!).

And the luck continues: the traffic wasn't too bad and I had time to get a celebratory S.tarbucks, go to the pharmacy to drop off my vaginal progesterone prescription, and change for yoga at home!

I'm thinking that my "project think positive" is working!!!!

I know that I'm not American, but I'm incredibly thankful right now that I wish that I had a turkey dinner in front of me!!!!



  1. I got it all crossed for good news for you!

  2. YEA!!! I've only checked like 20 times today for the update, so so so happy for you, now it's time to have fun and get you knocked up :). Thanks for the comment, would love the detials (esp the drug name and the name of your abcess causing bug if possible!). I so want antibiotics to fix this thing...

  3. Yay!! So glad to hear your good news! :)

  4. That's so great! I'm glad you are finally healed up!

  5. I got your text- OMGosh!!!

    This is fantastic! (Although I wish techs would get away from using the word "cyst" for anything they see on the ovary. I mean, technically speaking, they are, but women should also know that every single cycle they have follicle (cysts) and corpus luteum (hemorrhagic cysts), so why couldn't she have just told you that??!!)

    So, you will be TTC with us all in December, how exciting!! Back on the train again, woot!

  6. Praise God. You really deserved some good news.

  7. Woohoo!!! Come on down, we have leftovers :)

    And I'll treat you to a venti iced soy chai - that's your drink of choice right? :)

  8. Thanks for the offer Beth! I'm more than a little tempted! ;)

  9. Woohoo!!! :-) Super excited for you hon!

  10. Yay! So excited for the great news!!

  11. I got your text late, I read this post but couldn't comment, but I am here now!

    Don't you worry Miss Lady, I was praising dancing eating turkey for you!

    So excited about this!

  12. I have bee waiting for this post since Thursday when I got the call with the fantastic news. But it never lit up in my Google reader. Probably because you updated the post. Sigh. I am still over the moon excited about this news though!!!!