15 November 2009

A familiar feeling

So I have cramps.

Not the debilitating have to lie in bed with my heating pad, but cramps nonetheless. I've taken some A.dvil and it's taken the edge off, and it was half my usual, pre-surgery dose. I haven't had to drug myself every four to six hours.

Completely unheard of in my history of period pain management.

I guess that I expected some sort of cramping since my ladyparts have been in deep slumber for six months. It was quite unrealistic that I would get my period and feel absolutely nothing. Right?

It also doesn't help that I have a yeast infection and I have to wear a pad.

Sorry, TMI.

So all of you endo surgery survivors, how did your first period feel post-surgery? Does it get better?

Btw, we're jumping back on the TTC train. I'm getting my FSH levels checked tomorrow since my day three fell on a Sunday and our lab was closed. I'm hoping the eggies are doing okay, they've had a good long rest so hopefully they cooperate!


  1. My first period after the surgery usually isn't all that good. After both surgeries, I remember not having as much pain, but more of a different kind of pain. I definitely remember feeling sharper sensations in the areas where I knew the endo had been removed. It's hard to describe, but it was more like an irritated healing pain than endo cramps, if that makes sense. Sharp stabbing sensations, not agonizing endo cramps, if that helps at all.

    The good news is that since both of my surgeries (Apr 2003 and Feb 2009), I've had VERY little endo cramping compared to what I had prior to my first lap. And, I've gone without any hormone treatments after this surgery and straight into fertility meds (about 7 months after surgery). I had a few twinges of strong cramps this cycle on Clomid, but nothing ever progressed beyond a quick stab.

  2. Hi Jellybelly!

    I am very happy that the cramps are not as bad as they used to be. From what I understand they will even get better the next time!

    I just have a quick question, is it common to not have your period for a long time after the surgery? or is it different for everyone?

  3. My first period after my last surgery was awful - heavy, heavy bleeding with lots of clots, painful cramps, etc. But the pain was different from regular endo pain which I had higher up in my abdomen. I think it takes a few months for all of that internal healing to be completed, so don't be surprised if things don't feel right at first.

  4. My first period after surgery was pretty bad too. Lots of heavy bleeding and cramps, and clots too. I haven't had my second period yet, so we'll see! I hope your cramps get better. Yuck.

  5. Sorry about your cramps. I can't give any post-surgery info since I haven't had mine yet.

  6. My endo was nowhere near as bad as yours, but my first few periods after my surgery were horrible. In someways, it was worse than pre-surgery. But after things had a chance to heal, it did get better. Your poor insides are still raw from the abscess so things will still be tender.

  7. It gets better. I remember feeling like my uterus was going to charge through my belly button and that my ovaries were the ones leading the whole charade. :)

    It gets better. I'm a year past surgery and have had to use aleve maybe 2-3 times for periods. That is a stark difference from my 1,000mgs a day. :)

    Congrats on the period! I bet it feels good to bleed! ;)

  8. I noticed an immediate difference after surgery. I am pretty sure I did not have menstrual cramp pain that first period but since then I know it has been very minimal. So congrats! It only gets better from here!!