18 November 2009


I don't usually get overwhelmed.

I'm a really good task manager, but with the arrival of AF, report cards and trying desperately to re-teach things to children that were absent (yes, my class got hit with H1N1) I haven't had the time to take a breath. 

My report cards are due on Monday and I haven't even finished teaching one of my math units. 

"But JellyBelly, you teach grade one, it should be easy to assess grade ones, right?"

Yes and no. 

The community I teach in is very involved with their children's education and I need empirical proof as to why I gave them the mark on their report card. In my teacher mind I know what they deserve, but I need a rubric to prove it.


It also doesn't help that my cramps have been really bad the past couple of days and I've had to pump myself full of extra strength A.dvil. The cramps even woke me up at 4am!

It gets better right? 

I'm feeling most of the cramping on my right side and in my pelvis. Not surprising since my right side had so many adhesions and there's my friend the abscess in my posterior cul de sac.

I need a vacation. Or at least a mental health day.

Who would've thought that I would be looking forward to taking next Thursday off for an ultrasound????


  1. Doesn't just seem that it always happens that way? I think mental health days are great. Hope you don't have too busy of a weekend, make your DH take you out to eat for a break!

  2. Sorry you're feeling overwhelmed! It's difficult catching up anytime, but trying to do it with painful cramps...well, that's just awful.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. cramps make everything 10x harder... sorry you're having to deal with them on top of everything else!

    hope you can fit some 'me' time in and regroup!

  4. Did you notice the free feeling in your pelvis after or since your surgery. Man, it's like night and day!

    It does get better I promise. I think I only have a few aleve left and I'm not running to get any anytime soon. :0

  5. Sorry that you're feeling overwhelmed and crampy. That's a really un-fun combination. I hope that you can find some time to relax soon.

  6. It does get better. And soon it will be Christmas break so you will have a vacation!

  7. Praying for you! Just think, Christmas break is around the corner... :)