6 November 2009

Are you freaking serious???? Part 2

Just got two more pg announcements.

One on F.aceboo.k.

And a close friend e-mailed Mr. JB that his wife is also expecting. I don't feel as bad for them because they had a few miscarriages before they had their son.

That makes FOUR people in my inner circle that are pg.

1) My best friend
2) Mr. JB's best friend's wife
3) A close friend from university (who was married TWO years after us)
4) Close friend who dealt with IF before having her son

I'm still feeling sickly. I don't think I have a fever, but I'm all achy and exhausted.

When is it going to be my turn??? I'm tired of being the infertile.

Really, really tired.


  1. If I have anything to say about it, it is your turn next.

    Still up for tomorrow?

  2. I hope your next too!
    thats too many people preggers in your
    inner circle, its your turn

  3. Did you see your patron Saint!!!! She is the patron Saint of chronic illness!!!!!!!! OMGOSH!!f

  4. Yikes, the hits keep on coming!!

    I hate pg announcements. And I'm starting to kick myself every day that I go in to my clinical and have to see big ol' pg bellies all day long!! (Well, not ALL day, but the rest of the day I'm seeing women who are either on the pill, IUD, or Nuvaring... I'm not sure which is worse! Usually the pg ones had "just come off" of their birth control, so they're really all the same!)

  5. Sorry about the pg annoucements. I really hope you feel better soon; you've had a rough time lately.

  6. I'm sorry :(. It truly does suck. Especially when they all start in on round two...

  7. By the way, I saw your comment on Fertile Thought's blog about not being able to find a good gluten-free bread. I found a great recipe here http://grainfreefoodie.blogspot.com/2009/09/nut-butter-bread.html
    I use almond butter, and it comes out fantastic! You can make it sweeter or more savory depending on what mood your in, and it's super easy to make too :).

  8. Shit. This sucks, and I agree: It should be your turn--and quick!

  9. i feel you...and btw, when I was sick last month (for a couple of weeks) all the pg announcements seemed SO MUCH WORSE than ever! For some reason being sick makes all those things worse and made me exceptionally emotional!

  10. Facebook is the devil. I pretty much avoid it now....