5 November 2009

Are you freaking serious????

Mr. JB just told me that his best friend's wife is pg.

With their second.

Btw, they got married a year after us.

I also feel pretty gross. I have a low-grade fever, yet again, but at least I don't have the pain from yesterday. I should buy stock in A.dvil.

I'm tired of feeling sick.

I'm tired of being childless.

I'm tired of waiting for AF.

Can I please get a break???????


  1. I hear ya! I was just thinking how I need SOMETHING to go my way soon! This has been such a horrible year.

    You've had it rough, that's for sure, and you deserve a break. I hope you feel better really soon.

  2. Geez. I'm sorry. And where the hell is AF??? Come ON.

  3. Oh I hope you feel better soon...I am praying that break comes soon for you!!!!


  4. I was waiting for her too...until she arrived and I realized that after surgery is worse, and was reminded tat one of the psychological symptoms of IF is that my subconscious makes me forget to buy tampons (because if I don't have them, then I won't menstruate any more - it makes perfect sense). NOT GOOD. God willing she moves on from here very soon - she's headed your way next. BE PREPARED.

  5. Grrr... so sorry to hear about the pg news that you got. Sometimes it comes at the WORST time. Praying for you that you feel better and that you start bleeding soon!!!

  6. Sorry about the crappy timing of the news. I hope you get a break (and AF) soon.

  7. I just love the announcements from the fertile folks who just have babies.

    It is your turn next. I said so.