29 October 2009

Finding my namaste

First off, I apologize that I've been a bad blog commenter as of late. Between the infectious abscess and feeling like crap, my class has been totally koo-koo bananas because of Hallowe'en. Oh yeah, there's also the biggest reason:


Yup, it's back with a vengeance. I'm feeling completely irrational and I just want to strangle anyone and everyone. I'm bloated, all I want to eat is chocolate and I've been swearing like a sailor! It's been going on for almost four days and I'm ready for it to stop. I haven't been charting at all, but I'm almost certain that I'm going to get my period this weekend. Or at least, I really hope that I get it this weekend.

Please God. Please bring my period soon. If doesn't come in the near future there will be carnage.

Speaking of this weekend, I'm going on a yoga retreat! I'm so excited! My favourite teacher helped organize the weekend and I am looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful fall colours. The food is going to be all vegetarian and apparently it is absolutely delicious. One of the owners of the retreat centre has even published a cookbook! I need this weekend to clear my head. There's been so much going on for me health-wise that I need to get away and decompress.

I hope that I survive all of the Hallowe'en festivities at school tomorrow. We're having a dance-a-thon, free hot dogs for all of the students and then my teacher partner and I planned a whole day of activities. I really hope that the kids aren't too crazy tomorrow.

I won't have access to the internet for the weekend, so I'll see you all on Sunday!


  1. Have fun on the retreat!
    Yoga retreats are one of my all time favorite
    things to do! enjoy and relax, I look forward
    to hearing from you on monday :)

  2. That sound like such a relaxing weekend. I hope that your period starts soon! You've been waiting so long. Good luck surviving Halloween festivities today!

  3. Have a great time this weekend!

    Sorry about the PMS, but I hope AF shows up soon!

  4. Come on Period! :) Let's get this show on the road!!!

  5. Hope you are having a great time!

  6. Yay! So glad that you're able to get away for the weekend. I hope that AF returns with you!! :)