22 October 2009

Wishful thinking

I am not abscess free, although it's smaller than it was when I was in the hospital.

I finished my antibiotics last Friday and ever since I've been feeling strangeness in my pelvis. I guess I should be relieved since all of the discomfort is because of the thing I'm growing in my posterior cul de sac.


So the ultrasound clinic that my surgeon sent me to was pretty high tech. I got to watch my internal u/s on a flat screen and I got to ask the technician all kinds of questions. As soon as she did the internal (I believe that the right term is trans-vaginal -- is that right TCIE?) I could see the abscess quite clearly. I could also feel it while she was probing me -- the discomfort was a clear sign that there is something amiss.

The abscess currently measures about 4.3 x 3 x 2 cm, it used to be 8 x 3 x 2 cm, which explains the decreased pain, but the persistent discomfort.

I was pretty worried by the time I got to my surgeon's office. Thankfully the wait wasn't too long and I had the results of the ultrasound in my hand (btw, they never received the cat scan results, WTF?). He's confident that the abscess is going to resolve itself and that a good bowel movement or intercourse is going to cause it to burst.

Can I tell you how happy Mr. JB is about the first solution????

I will have to see what the infectious disease doctor says on Monday. I am almost certain that he is going to want to drain it. I just don't understand how the stupid abscess has resisited a month-long course of VERY strong antibiotics and all of the activity in between.

I do feel pressure in my bum and I'm getting sharp, but quick pangs of pain. I really hope and pray that it doesn't get larger. I don't want to be re-admitted to the hospital and I definitely don't want IV antibiotics again!

I have another ultrasound and doctor's appointment booked for November 26th. I really hope that AF makes her appearance by then as well!

Btw, I don't know if it's all of the preventative measures that I've taken, but I haven't gotten a yeast infection since finishing my antibiotics. I guess all of the yogurt and acidophilis has worked!

p.s. I've been fever-free most of the day. My temperature was 37.13C this morning, but as soon as I got to school I broke out into a sweat and then I started to feel normal again. We have really fun plans this weekend so I really hope that the illness stays away!!!!

p.p.s. My incision hurts when it's about it rain. I now have a weather vane built into my body. Great.


  1. Wait, what does this incision pain feel like exactly? Mine is still healing and I am trying desperately to win a tug-of-war with the weather so I can do a fall color tour on Saturday (my dh leaves Sunday).

    Also, I want to retract my previous comment in re: student and DS classmate comment - I am just being a PIA, I don't know anything about maintaining discipline with a disabled school population.

  2. Oh my goodness, you poor thing :( I hope you don't need IV antis again, either. That is no fun.

    Oh, the proper term for the internal ultrasound is actually intra-twat.

    OMG, my word verfication is "pusiness." I shit you not!!

  3. Sorry that the crazy abscess is still there. I hope they can get that healed up for you soon.

  4. Fuck. That is all I can think of to say. I hope that stupid thing goes away for good.

  5. Sorry to hear that you're dealing with the abcess still :(. I hope it definitely resolves itself without more surgery (or IV antibiotics)!

  6. Well, I guess I will wish you a good bowel movement!