24 June 2009

My hot flashes are going to kill me

Two more sleeps.

Hot, sticky sleeps as well.

We tried to turn on our a/c tonight and it wouldn't fire up.


We figure that after our furnace debacle in the fall that the furnace people didn't hook up our thermostat properly. I'm praying that a new thermostat will fix our problem because the taps are running dry in the money department! I'm very happy that our basement is almost done, but I'm not looking forward to having an empty savings account!

I'm so warm that my brain isn't working properly. I was trying to clean up my classroom and my brain just stopped working. I had a pile of papers on my desk and I wanted to sort through everything, but I kept on having to stop because I couldn't think clearly. I usually get the end of the year dum dums, but this year is particularly bad.

Stupid L.upron.

Also b^&%chy JellyBelly is out in full force. I have no patience with anyone, especially Mr. JB. Usually his constant joking is funny, today I just feel like punching him in the face.

I need summer vacation to start pronto.

Either that or a padded cell until August 4th.


  1. Hi Jelly Belly - nice to meet you! I feel like we have lots in common - in addition to lupron and our mutual blog friend! For one, I love ashtanga/vinyasa yoga - it's all about the teacher though, eh?

  2. You're post cracked me up. Only because I am dealing with a bad case of PMS. I am sorry you're having hot flashes. I can't imagine how Lupron must mae you feel.

    Praying your a/c gets fixed soon!

  3. Oh no! Praying for you! You're ALMOST THERE!! Ha ha... I keep thinking about you and your "countdown." Sorry about all the hot flashes. I would not be happy either if they were happening to me!

  4. Maybe check a fuse? We have a really old system, and it ended up crapping out on us once and turned out it was a blown fuse.

    Sorry the lupron is giving you such a hard time :(.

  5. Praying this time flies by fast and safe and sound for your DH and those around you!! You're almost there!!

  6. One more sleep!! I hear you with the brain farts and mood swings. I have zero patience lately. Still a nasty backlash from my last cycle.

  7. Damn. May the winds come and cool you off and your air conditioning start working.

  8. I can only imagine what I'd be like if our air conditioning went out and I was having drug induced hot flashes! Paul would run and hide!! ;o) Hang in there, you're going to make it. I'm praying for you! and I'm praying for Mr. JB!!

  9. Hang in there - I feel awful for you as I totally promoted lupron (it helps the disease) and I didn't mind the hotflashes (I like being hot!! - always cold me...) my bad side effect was the stoopids that I seem to develop (my brain need estrogen to work).

  10. I can't believe the A/C won't come on!

    One more day of school!