14 May 2009

I've cracked

I think I've hit the L.upron wall.

Granted my class was nutty this afternoon, but not more than usual. I'm so glad that I taught them the words for "frustrated" and "angry" in the recent past! 

Now, I'm not a yeller. I hate raising my voice since it only causes the noise to escalate. After last recess the special ed teacher came in to talk to me and my class got louder and louder as our conversation continued. I had to stop talking and tell them that they were acting like monkeys in a zoo which momentarily silenced them. When the other teacher left I told them how angry and upset that I was. They ate their snack in silence because they understood that I meant business. 

I've decided that if they're badly behaved tomorrow I'm going to go old school Catholic teacher on them and make them drop to their knees and pray a decade of the rosary. 

So there.

I hate feeling like I'm out of control. I try to be as calm as possible around my students, but after a day like today it was pretty much impossible. Lucky for me, the other grade one teachers had horrible days as well so I know it's not just me. 

I really need to go to yoga. Hopefully some downward dogs will help with my mood!


  1. That lupron is starting to make you sound like me!

    It sure is doing a number on you!

    I am so sorry!

  2. It sounds to me like you handled the situation really well! Lupron always makes me so nutty!! My husband looks at me like I have two heads and that both are spinning!

  3. I think the children have "endofyearitis"...it's time for summer break!! I'm a sub teacher and I'm earning every penny right now!I bet the Lu.pron does not help with patience (and I know you need lots of it). Praying for you!

  4. The year is quickly coming to an end. Just remember SUMMER VACATION!

  5. Lmao about getting old school on them! Bless you-i had a hard time getting along with adults. I can't imagine having to deal with a herd of children too! :)

  6. I was sure you were going to threaten to rap their knuckles with a ruler, or make them press their noses to a dot on the chalkboard. Rosary seems pretty humane!

  7. I'm sorry that you had a rough day. The hCG has worn off so I'm sort of there with you.

    When I saw the "old school Catholic teacher" I thought the same thing as misfit with the ruler on the knuckles. I'm going to have to keep the "Drop to your knees and give me a rosary" in mind for my own kids some day! ;o)

    I'm praying that you get a good night's sleep and that tomorrow is better.

  8. Oh honey, sounds like you are a tad stressed out! How long to go until your next school holidays?

  9. Ha ha ha... sorry to laugh, but I love the image of "drop to your knees and say a decade of the Rosary!" Maybe you could have them do some push-ups too, ya know, get out their extra energy. ;) I feel your pain... just think, summer is almost here!! Do you work in the summer? Do you have any plans?